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37 Online Masters Degrees in Australia

Advance your career with an online postgraduate program from an Australian university.

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An online master's degree is an advanced educational program that you can do without attending a campus. This type of postgraduate course is ideal for people with busy schedules as it offers the flexibility to learn from any location.

The qualification can enhance an existing career or pave the way for a new one.

Many programs welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds. In some cases, a bachelor degree isn't a prerequisite. Universities often provide graduate certificate pathway courses for those with relevant professional experience.

In Australia, completing a masters degree online typically requires two years of part-time study. Students tackle one subject every two months and the normal program length is 12 subjects. You become part of a virtual class, engage with instructors and classmates online, and meet group weekly deadlines. But you are still able to choose your own study times.

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Online Masters Courses in Australia

You have a wealth of options available if you want to earn a masters degree by distance learning. Check out this extensive list of online programs from Australian universities.


The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) opens doors in the fields of accounting, finance, and business. Designed for various backgrounds, this degree meets the educational requirements for professional accreditation bodies.

Benefits: Seamless career transition into accounting.

Job titles: Accountant, financial planner, investment adviser, tax consultant, auditor, corporate recovery specialist, insolvency analyst, budget analyst.


Enhance your analytical skills and excel in data-centric roles with a Master of Analytics. Students learn to transform raw data into actionable insights, bridging the gap between technical data understanding and practical business applications.

Benefits: High-value in in data-driven business; improved decision-making.

Job titles: Data analyst, business intelligence analyst, data consultant, strategy manager, analytics manager, visualisation specialist, predictive analyst.

Applied Finance

A Master of Applied Finance offers a deep dive into practical financial concepts and methods. Both industry newcomers and experienced professionals can use online learning to sharpen their analytical and strategic skills.

Benefits: Improved job performance; access to a broader range of finance roles.

Job titles: Investment banking analyst, portfolio manager, finance manager, risk manager, stockbroker, financial consultant.

Business Administration

Study online for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) to expand your management ability and acquire valuable credentials. The curriculum covers essential leadership areas, strategic decision-making, and innovative business strategies.

Benefits: Boosted earning potential; access to executive roles.

Job titles: Business strategist, manager, CEO, CFO, marketing director, management consultant, project manager, business development manager.

Business Analytics

Explore the world of data-driven decision making with Masters in Business Analytics online. Students gain the tools to extract valuable insights from vast data sets, enabling businesses to strategise and innovate effectively.

Benefits: Mastery of data interpretation; bridge between data and strategy.

Job titles: Business analyst, quantitative analyst, data science consultant, business intelligence manager, operations analyst, analytics strategist.

Business Analytics MBA

An MBA in Business Analytics offers a fusion of analytical and managerial development. Open to professionals from different backgrounds, this degree acts as a conduit between data-driven insights and strategic decision-making.

Benefits: Learn to make data-informed decisions; limited technical content.

Job titles: Manager, business intelligence analyst, analytics consultant, business analyst, chief data officer, business strategy consultant.

Business Law

Elevate your career opportunities and sharpen your decision-making skills with the Master of Business Law degree offered online. Open to graduates of any discipline, this program provides a deep dive into the complexities of business governance.

Benefits: Enhanced decision-making, valuable insight into business laws.

Job titles: Business director, CFO, human resource manager, contract manager, policy advisor, financial advisor.


A Master of Commerce (MCom) opens doors for students from diverse backgrounds, including business, education, arts, and engineering. You will gain a solid business education while also having the opportunity to specialise in targeted areas of business.

Benefits: Customised business studies; increased earning potential.

Job titles: Finance manager, marketing strategist, human resource consultant, operations analyst, business development manager, supply chain coordinator.


A Master of Counselling is the premier program for aspiring counsellors. Designed to fully prepare students for counselling roles, this program includes a local professional placement component. Entry generally requires a bachelor degree.

Benefits: Pathway to professional accreditation with ACA or PACFA.

Job titles: Mental health counsellor, school counsellor, rehabilitation counsellor, family and marriage therapist, substance abuse counsellor.

Cyber Security

An online Master of Cyber Security program is structured for working professionals, consisting of 12-16 subjects. It can be completed in two years of part-time study. Specialisations available include analysis, engineering, and management.

Benefits: Specialised training; high job demand.

Job titles: Cyber security analyst, cyber security engineer, information security consultant, penetration tester, security architect, chief information security officer.

Data Science

A Master of Data Science is designed for professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in data analysis and machine learning. This degree prepares students to excel in data-driven decision-making roles across industries.

Benefits: Highly sought-after skills; rounding out of professional knowledge.

Job titles: Data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, data science manager, data strategist, business intelligence analyst.

Digital Marketing MBA

In an MBA in Digital Marketing program, students build managerial skills while also learning digital campaign strategies and how to use data to increase profits. You may explore digital consumer behaviour, digital tools, and the role of tech in marketing.

Benefits: Well-rounded management degree; valuable digital and data skills.

Job titles: Business manager, marketing consultant, digital strategy analyst, product manager (digital marketing), general manager, marketing director.


The Master of Education is designed for current teachers, administrators, and education specialists. This customisable degree prepares graduates to excel in leadership roles. Programs often only require 8 subjects to be completed.

Benefits: Enhances career prospects, offering opportunities for senior roles.

Job titles: Educational administrator, lead teacher, education consultant, curriculum developer, researcher, training and development manager.

Educational Leadership

Masters of Educational Leadership prepare educators for senior roles within educational settings. They can help transform classroom teachers into strategic leaders with administration skills, including the ability to develop staff and coordinate activities.

Benefits: Access to high-paying career paths, including non-teaching roles.

Job titles: Principal, educational administrator, deputy principal, head of department, director of studies, educational policy advisor.

Engineering Management

Engineers with management ambitions will benefit from a Master of Engineering Management. The program develops both technical acumen and managerial expertise, helping you to transition into leadership roles while leveraging analytical skills.

Benefits: Career progression into leadership; technical and managerial capabilities.

Job titles: Engineering manager, project coordinator, technical director, operations manager, product development manager, consultant, lead engineer.


An online Master of Finance from Australia offers deep insights into complex financial concepts and tools. Suitable for beginners and experienced professionals, it covers traditional finance and emerging sectors like FinTech.

Benefits: Advanced career opportunities; exposure to emerging technologies.

Job titles: Financial analyst, investment banker, portfolio manager, risk manager, FinTech specialist, corporate finance consultant.

Finance MBA

In an MBA in Finance degree, students hone management skills while also learning about financial strategies, investment, and risk. The curriculum emphasises navigating financial landscapes and strategic decision-making.

Benefits: Management and financial expertise; versatile qualification.

Job titles: General manager, business strategy analyst, finance manager, operations director, chief financial officer, business consultant, corporate strategist.

Health Administration

A Masters in Health Administration (MHA) prepares health professionals to efficiently organise and lead in delivering patient services. Graduates gain expertise to foster streamlined healthcare delivery and patient care management.

Benefits: Increased managerial responsibility; entry into a vast, growing field.

Job titles: Nurse unit manager, director of nursing, clinic manager, health practice manager, medical practice manager, health services manager.

Health Management

Similar to an MHA, a Master of Health Management is for healthcare professionals aiming for leadership roles. This 100% online degree combines health practice insights with management skills.

Benefits: Leadership skills development; customisable program.

Job titles: Health services manager, clinic manager, director of nursing, health policy analyst, medical practice manager.

Healthcare Management MBA

An MBA in Healthcare Management is designed for aspiring leaders in the healthcare industry. This program sharpens general business administration skills while providing specialised training specific to health-related settings.

Benefits: Enhanced managerial prospects broadly and in health care.

Job titles: Clinical director, hospital administrator, health policy analyst, practice manager, healthcare consultant, long-term care facility manager.

Human Resource Management

By studying for a Masters in Human Resource Management, students gain skills to advance in HR or enter the profession. The course covers strategic people-management, employee relations, and aligning organisational objectives.

Benefits: High average salary; numerous job opportunities.

Job titles: HR manager, recruitment manager, HR director, employee relations manager, training and development manager.

Leadership and Management

With a Masters in Leadership and Management, students develop skills to inspire, guide and oversee teams and organisations. This advanced degree focuses on management theories, strategic planning, and effective communication techniques.

Benefits: Skills and credentials for executive-level positions and higher salary.

Job titles: General manager, operations manager, team leader, director of operations, chief executive officer, leadership development consultant.


Develop both leadership essentials and core business skills with a Master of Management. Ideal for aspiring managers, this degree emphasises strategic decision-making, communication, and business disciplines.

Benefits: Holistic managerial training; versatile across industries.

Job titles: General manager, team leader, project manager, operations manager, department manager, management consultant.


Studying online for a Masters in Marketing prepares you to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern marketing in Australia. Courses focus on digital strategies, consumer analytics, and brand innovation.

Benefits: Advanced digital proficiency; distinct advantages in the job market.

Job titles: Digital strategist, consumer insights analyst, brand consultant, online marketing manager, campaign specialist.

Marketing Analytics

Refine your expertise in the evolving landscape of data-driven marketing with a Master of Marketing Analytics. Students learn how to use data to shape impactful marketing strategies, understand consumer preferences, and drive business growth.

Benefits: Greater market strategy capabilities; competitive edge in data-driven sectors.

Job titles: Marketing data analyst, campaign analyst, consumer insights manager, digital marketing strategist, brand analytics manager.

Medical MBA

Develop managerial skills for clinical settings with a Medical MBA. Targeted at physicians, nurses, and administrators, this degree accentuates efficient healthcare service delivery, management in clinical settings, and business skills.

Benefits: Dual proficiency in healthcare and business; readiness to lead.

Job titles: Hospital administrator, medical practice manager, clinical operations director, health strategy consultant, healthcare enterprise founder.

Medical Science

A Master of Medical Science degree is your key to advanced healthcare expertise. Sharpen your skills in data analysis, critical thinking, and medical research, allowing you to engage deeply with scientific principles and healthcare challenges.

Benefits: Opportunities for career advancement into senior roles with higher pay.

Job titles: Clinical research manager, medical science liaison, healthcare policy advisor, clinical project manager, biomedical scientist, medical laboratory director.

Mental Health

The Master of Mental Health degree provides advanced training for leadership in mental health practice. Catering to healthcare professionals, this program builds expertise in evidence-based interventions and understanding psychological challenges.

Benefits: Enhanced professional proficiency and expanded career opportunities.

Job titles: Social worker, mental health clinician, counsellor, child protection officer, case manager, mental health educator.

Mental Health Nursing

A Masters in Mental Health Nursing prepares registered nurses to address the intricate needs of patients with psychological conditions. You'll study evidence-based interventions and treatments to support welfare and behavioural adaptations.

Benefits: Enhanced career opportunities and competency in mental health care.

Job titles: Credentialed mental health nurse, case worker, nurse coordinator, liaison clinician, school nurse, healthcare services manager, clinical nurse consultant.


A Masters in Nursing offers registered nurses a pathway to advance their career and expertise. Dive into specialised areas such as advanced nursing practice, emergency care, and management, and gain mastery over modern nursing methods.

Benefits: Flexible study options; elevated job prospects in specialised areas.

Job titles: Advanced practice nurse, emergency room nurse specialist, nurse educator, nursing unit manager, clinical nurse consultant.

Project Management

A Master of Project Management is the premier qualification in project management. A graduate certificate pathway course is recommended for those unsure about committing to the full degree program, but still wanting to gain skills.

Benefits: In-depth learning; no ongoing requirements after graduation.

Job titles: Project manager, program manager, project consultant, project analyst, operations manager, portfolio manager, project director.

Public Health

The Master of Public Health (MPH) equips students with analytical and policy skills crucial for health advisory and management roles. Earning this degree online positions you to help uplift health standards across Australia.

Benefits: Job opportunities in health; entry into a growing, lucrative sector.

Job titles: Health promotion officer, public health officer, public health nurse, health executive manager, policy officer, director of public health.

Sustainable Energy

Explore renewable technologies, worldwide energy shifts, and innovative sustainability approaches with a Master of Sustainable Energy. This course is for professionals aiming to lead, influence policy, and drive environmentally sustainable development.

Benefits: Expertise in a growing sector; aligned with global sustainability trends.

Job titles: Sustainability consultant or manager, energy policy advisor, environmental compliance officer, renewable energy business developer.

Technology Management

Learn to lead across diverse technology fields with a Master of Technology Management. Students explore enterprise technology, AI, and cybersecurity, merging technical expertise with managerial acumen.

Benefits: Able to lead tech initiatives; heightened marketability in tech-related roles.

Job titles: IT strategy director, technology implementation manager, AI project leader, cybersecurity operations head, digital transformation consultant.

Technology Management MBA

An MBA in Technology Management positions you at the intersection of business and technology. Students learn to manage innovation, cybersecurity, and data analytics, blending traditional business knowledge with tech insights.

Benefits: Enhanced tech-driven leadership; competitive edge in the job market.

Job titles: Chief information officer, chief technology officer, business technology consultant, software project manager, technology product manager.

Urban Design

Learn how to shape the lived experience of Australians with a Master of Urban Design. This software-intensive degree is designed for professionals with a background in areas such as architecture, strategic planning or environmental science.

Benefits: Hands-on skills and strategic expertise to shape urban environments.

Job titles: Urban designer, urban planner, strategic planner, design consultant, urban design draftsperson, urban design leader.

Urban Planning

Pave the way for sustainable and liveable cities with a Master of Urban Planning. Subjects encompass city redevelopment, spatial analysis, planning and environmental laws in Australia, and community engagement.

Benefits: Enhance career prospects in urban development and policy.

Job titles: Urban planner, environmental manager, policy analyst, community engagement coordinator, city redevelopment consultant, strategic planner.