Masters in Leadership and Management Online: Australian Programs to Boost Your Salary

Enhance yourself as a leader, communicator and decision-maker with a masters in leadership and management.
Masters in Leadership and Management online

An online masters in leadership and management is a postgraduate degree for managers and experienced professionals. Compared to a typical business masters or MBA, a leadership and management program:

  1. focuses strongly on building leadership and management skills
  2. may be academically "lighter" because of having few technical subjects
  3. may produce a qualification with "leadership" and/or "management" in the title.

The salary benefits of the masters comes from improved on-the-job performance and enhanced communication skills. As well, holding a leadership qualification gives recruiters and bosses more confidence to appoint you to senior roles.

Best Leadership and Management Masters Online

Leadership and management masters

The best online masters in leadership and management share some things in common. Each one is purpose built for online study, allows for accelerated (year-round) study, and uses modern learning and online communication technologies.

Key differences are in the learning style. You may prefer reflective mastery, applied projects, traditional coursework or a combined approach. The choice is yours.

Master of Management at UNSW Online

UNSW’s 100% online Master of Management provides relevant, practical and contemporary business management skills. The program is delivered by the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at UNSW’s Business School. With aims of unlocking potential and giving you an employment edge, students learn business fundamentals plus contemporary subjects such as Strategies for Disruption, Managing with Digital Technology, and Business Analytics. So you graduate with confidence, theory is blended with practical application through experiential teaching, projects and entrepreneurial practices.

Deakin University Master of Leadership

Deakin University has the ideal leadership and management degree if you want to advance your career efficiently. The program centres on professional practice. You demonstrate competencies by exploring activities you do in the workplace. The Master of Leadership has many great features, including that it is ultra affordable, can be completed in 12 months, doesn't interrupt your career, and allows for high levels of interaction with instructors and classmates. Topics include: communication, digital literacy, teamwork, adaptive mindsets, leading and developing people, and driving strategic results.

Torrens University Australia MBA (Innovation and Leadership)

The Innovation and Leadership MBA from Torrens University Australia is delivered in partnership with Melbourne-based Ducere Global Business School. Learning revolves around doing online projects in small teams. The business school connects you with Australian companies, allowing you to develop leadership and management skills while broadening your experiences and pofessional network. The MBA is ideal for professionals who: (a) want to develop real skills and (b) don't want to waste time on academic exams. Completion rates are fantastic and most graduates finish within 12 months.

Why Study Leadership and Management? Top 3 Benefits

Leadership study benefits

You may think the ability to lead or manage a group of people is largely innate. But the truth is that, whatever qualities you were born with, leadership depends on a skillset that every successful leader had to learn at some point.

By completing a masters program, you build the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective leader. But that's not all you gain. Here are the top 3 benefits of studying leadership and management.

1. Breakthrough gains in your development as a leader

Big jumps in your development as a leader happen when you actually study the subject carefully. You are able to make important mental connections by stepping away from your professional working environment.

Through self-awareness, you can learn to adapt and try new approaches as well as learn how to best leverage your predominant [leadership] style.


In postgraduate courses, you examine established leadership principles and do different types of projects and case studies. All these activities that you wouldn't normally do can be enlightening. You're able to see past work experiences and the management habits you've formed with new perspectives.

2. A toolkit of management skills to draw on whenever needed

By doing a masters in management or leadership, you gain a set of tools for handling most situations that come up in the workplace.

The reality is that, for much of the time at least, we learn how to manage and lead by (a) figuring out things as we go and (b) copying others. But there is a better way. After graduating from a good management or leadership course, you'll have proven methods to apply.

Suppose, for example, a staff member complains to you in a one-on-one meeting about a lack of downward communication. Armed with your professional training, you won't be stuck for a response. You might be able to suggest strategies right then for enhancing the flow of information, such as a five-minute high-level presentation by you at the start of each divisional gathering. You could even seek their feedback on your ideas before the meeting ends.

3. Demonstrated leadership commitment and skill development

The qualification you gain, a university masters degree in leadership or management, has value that shouldn't be underestimated. Especially if you lack a long track-record of leadership, recruiters will feel much more comfortable appointing you to senior roles. You will seem like more of a pro when it comes to taking on responsibility than those without relevant qualifications.

Leadership is about motivating a group to achieve a common goal. Leaders break boundaries and take risks to convert a vision into a reality. Management is about achieving the goals of an organisation through efficient use of resources. Good managers apply strategy to break down demanding visions into achievable targets.

~ London School of Business and Finance

A masters degree in organizational leadership is worth your money, time, and effort because it can open many doors for you in terms of career opportunities. Over the course, you will learn hard skills that you can immediately apply into your workplace, in addition to the enhancement of your soft skills.

~ Frugal Entrepreneur