Online Data Science Masters: Best Programs

An online masters can set up your data science career by consolidating prior learning and filling knowlege gaps.

You can study online for a masters degree in data science with your choice of Australian university. Graduate certificates and diplomas are also available through 100% online study.

  • Data science is a rapidly growing field presenting enormous career opportunities.
  • An excellent way to build a skills base for the future is with an online masters in data science. You learn how to use big data to inform business decisions.

Online data science programs are designed for busy people, and many students also work full-time. A graduate certificate is 4 units; a graduate diploma 8 units; while a masters consists of 12-16 subjects.

Graduate Certificate in Data Science

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A graduate certificate in data science is a flexible course that allows you to:

  • gain entry to a masters program based on job experience even if you lack a relevant degree
  • build skills in data science without committing to a full masters degree.

Online graduate certificate courses don't just provide a platform for launching a data science career. They also equip you for roles such as developing and managing data projects.

University of Adelaide Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Applied)

The University of Adelaide’s Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Applied) allows you to build practical skills quickly. Students work with real datasets to complete the kinds of tasks you may encounter as a data science professional. The online course can be completed over 8 months of part-time, flexible study. As a graduate, you will have gained job-ready competencies, with the ability to do things such as clean data and program proficiently in Python.

JCU Graduate Certificate of Data Science

James Cook University's Graduate Certificate of Data Science is a convenient, affordable way to get started in data science. Each of the 4 units takes less than 2 months to complete and you have full control over when you study. An intuitive online platform allows you to easily connect with classmates and academic staff. Topics covered include an introduction to the data science discipline and fundamental concepts, statistical methods, visualising big data, and database systems.

Graduate Certificate in Data Science at UNSW Online

Delivered 100% online, the Graduate Certificate in Data Science at UNSW is a 4-subject pathway program for a masters degree. Core topics are programming principles, data science foundations, and statistical inference for data scientists. You can also choose to study database systems or strategic decision making. The course is open to graduates with a relevant degree and/or 2+ years' experience as a data analyst or scientist. Each subject takes just 7 weeks and can be done while you work full-time.

Best Online Masters Programs in Australia

Master of Data Science

Master of Data Science at UNSW Online

The 100% online Master of Data Science at UNSW explores how to organise, identify, analyse and use data to inform strategies, redefine ambiguous questions and find impactful answers. You can specialise in areas such as machine learning, database systems or statistics. The program is designed to develop sought-after capabilities for immediate use. You will be in demand for diverse roles (even those yet to be imagined), creating a dynamic and rewarding career. Delivered in 7-week intensive blocks, one course at a time, you can graduate in as little as two years.

University of Adelaide Master of Data Science (Applied)

If you have a degree of any kind, you have the opportunity to become a data scientist with the University of Adelaide's Master of Data Science (Applied). The flexible, 100% online degree will have you extracting useful information from real-world datasets with Python and R. Students learn how to apply leading-edge tools and methods, meet industry demands and communicate with clients. Each subject in the 16-unit program takes just 6 weeks of study using an intuitive online platform. This degree is ideal if you want to study while working.

JCU Master of Data Science

James Cook University Online has a flexible degree for launching a successful data science career. You can start with a 4-unit graduate certificate, before moving on to do a graduate diploma (8 units) or the full Master of Data Science (12 - 16 units). The program is affordable and easy to manage. You're able to focus on one unit at a time and study year-round. Topics include data visualisation, database systems, data mining and machine learning, big data, and strategic decision making.

RMIT Master of Data Science Strategy & Leadership

Top companies are looking for data scientists with excellent communication as well as technical skills. Technical competence has limited value if you can't convert that ability into real impact. RMIT's data science program is about producing high-value graduates with management and leadership skills. The 100% online program consists of 12 seven-week units. You can easily study year-round while working full-time. Topics include practical data science with Python, consumer analytics, machine learning for decision makers, and shaping organisations with artificial intelligence.

Internet of Things (IoT) Training Courses

Internet of Things (IoT) trainining

JCU Graduate Diploma of Data Science (Internet of Things)

Specialised training in the Internet of Things (IoT) is available as part of the popular data science program at James Cook University. JCU offers an 8-unit graduate diploma course, including the option of a 4-unit graduate certificate. Topics include IoT communication technology, a hands-on look at sensors and their embedded computing systems, and cloud computing security. Students complete each unit as part of a virtual class over a 7-week teaching period. To be admitted, you should have a strong background in one or more STEM fields.