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17 Business Management Courses Online

Choose from Australia's best management courses. Diplomas and degrees are available online.

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Learn to be an outstanding manager with a leadership and management course. You'll study principles and methods to lead successfully. Whether you aspire to manage or are experienced, there's an online program to build your capabilities.

Managerial training is available via certificates, diplomas, bachelor degrees and postgraduate courses. Students learn strategic approaches to completing organisational tasks. As well as management, you can specialise in administration, entrepreneurship, healthcare, HR, IT or managing projects.


Free Management Courses

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Gain manager skills for free with Alison. Topics include leadership, and professional and interpersonal skills. Short courses are available as well as extended training.

Alison's certificate courses help you be an effective manager and leader. In under three hours, you can learn leadership and supervision skills, how to manage groups, or warehouse management for example.

Free online diploma courses offer a more in-depth learning experience, taking around 15 hours. Topics include operations management, leadership and manager styles, and human resources (HR)... READ MORE

Business Administration

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Training courses in business administration develop your office skills and prepare you for more senior positions. Students learn how to better organise people and systems.

Courses vary greatly in terms of study topics. For example, a Certificate III in Business (Administration) looks at practical tasks such as developing documents and recording transactions. A Diploma of Leadership and Management is instead about getting more out of your team.

The skills you build are useful in different jobs. What defines a business administration program is that students learn generic skills needed across industries... READ MORE

Business Diplomas

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The Diploma of Business is Australia's number one TAFE level training course. You can choose from 9 specialisations and 94 possible elective units. The diploma consists of 5 core subjects and 7 electives.

Core units are: (1) Develop critical thinking in others (2) Manage budgets and financial plans (3) Manage business resources (4) Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability and (5) Lead workplace communication.

Specialisations include Leadership, Organisational Development, Business Development, Digital Transformation... READ MORE

Entrepreneurship Degrees

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Entrepreneurs may be the ultimate managers because they need to know all aspects of a small business. Entrepreneurs innovate and develop businesses, bring complementary resources together, and manage people such as investors, suppliers, customers and staff.

Online entrepreneurship degrees are available at bachelor and postgraduate levels. You can do a Bachelor of Business featuring innovation and business development subjects. For postgraduate studies, the main option is an MBA.

A good way to learn entrepreneurship is with applied projects that test and strengthen your skills… READ MORE

Entrepreneurship Diplomas

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An entrepreneurship diploma is a business diploma focusing on the skills needed to develop a small business.

Entrepreneurs take on the challenge of not only running a business, but starting from an early stage. The entrepreneurial journey usually begins with an idea. Converting the idea into reality requires skills in business planning, presentations, finance, negotiation, people management, contract handling, marketing and investment.

A diploma can only teach a fraction of what an entrepreneur must know but offers a start. Students gain versatile business skills... READ MORE

Graduate certificates in business are are a fast way to learn management and develop specialist skills. These 4-subject qualifications take just 8 months of part-time study, with numerous specialisation available.

Topics covered in these courses include finance, management, leadership, and marketing, among many others. Students learn how to better organise people and systems, and gain generic skills for use across industries.

The Graduate Certificate in Business is a pathway to further study, such as a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Management (MM)... READ MORE

Health Management (Postgraduate)

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Health administration and similar programs are popular among healthcare professionals seeking greater responsibilities.

Jobs for health managers are growing alongside expanding medical and other healthcare services. Administrators help organise facilities, processes and people in health settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. They need healthcare knowledge plus business and management skills.

Postgraduate health management courses allow students to build administrative skills and gain valuable leadership credentials… READ MORE

Human Resources (HR) Management

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Human resources (HR) managers manage hiring processes, employee development, and staff-employer relationships. HR is a people-centred job and essential business function.

A good place to start a career as an HR manager is with a certificate IV or diploma in HR or a business degree. You'll study subjects to do with employee relations, recruitment and staffing, and performance management.

If you have a degree, a human resource management program can be used to switch careers into HR or build on your skills and qualifications. Accelerated courses are available for part-time study online... READ MORE

Information Technology (IT) Management

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The best career opportunities in information technology (IT) and computer science often extend into management and leadership roles. Experienced IT professionals are relied upon to manage projects and the work of others.

Even if being a manager wasn't your original goal when starting out in IT, gaining management skills can really pay off. Extend your influence and earnings by leading others instead of doing coding and other technical tasks yourself.

A masters degree (or graduate certificate) in IT management can give you the credentials and skills to be successful in leadership roles... READ MORE

Leadership and Management Diplomas

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A Diploma of Leadership and Management trains you to be a better manager and supervisor. This TAFE category of course is ideal for people with work experience who are aiming for senior roles.

The diploma exposes students to ideas and methods they may not have considered before. You learn a structured approach to management tasks.

Earning the qualification shows you want responsibility. That alone can help get you promoted. The training also helps you think and communicate like a manager, boosting productivity and career prospects... READ MORE

Leadership and Management Masters

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Leadership and Management degrees are available for experienced professionals who want to cultivate leadership qualities. The programs are characteristically light on technical content compared to a regular MBA.

You can study for a leadership masters, such as a Master of Leadership, or do an MBA skewed towards leadership skills and management training.

Leadership and management masters complement your career even while you are busy studying. The concepts are often directly applicable to the sorts of administration tasks professionals do every day... READ MORE

Management Bachelor Degrees

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To go far with your career, why not study management as part of your university education? Success in almost any occupation eventually leads to management options. You become a manager even if that wasn't the original plan.

To major in management in an undergraduate business degree, choose enough subjects in this field. The university normally defines a set of compulsory units and suitable electives to qualify.

It's also helpful to include technical (maths or technology) subjects in your business degree. When firms hire graduates, they often look for these types of skills… READ MORE

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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An MBA is the ideal course for professionals aiming for manager roles. The programs develop business skills and are especially strong in leadership and management.

A significant work history is important to get the most from an MBA. Experience gives any theory context and meaning. An MBA education works best when you strongly relate to the management issues and solutions being explored.

Earning an MBA demonstrates leadership ambition, which is a plus when going for senior jobs. Having one on your CV or resume displays commitment to professional development as a manager... READ MORE

Project Management Degrees

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Project management is generally a postgraduate study field at university level, aimed at experienced professionals who may already have a degree.

Project managers practise the art of managing discrete “projects”. They oversee the carrying out of a complex task that brings resources together and has defined start and completion points.

A good project manager has domain expertise in a field such as construction or engineering. Industry knowledge complements management skill. You can increase your PM abilities with a master's program... READ MORE

Project Management Diplomas

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Project management courses vary according to the assumed experience levels of students. A Certificate IV is for workers who want to make the transition to management. You learn different dimensions of managing a project and connect principles to job experiences.

A diploma course for people with some experience managing projects. You study key aspects of a complex project, such as budgets, resources, time and quality.

An advanced diploma is a professional development course for experienced project managers. You develop structure in directing projects... READ MORE

Supply Chain Management

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In supply chain management and logistics courses, students learn how to design, run and monitor supply chain activities. In other words, you learn how to manage the flow of goods and services in each step towards producing a final product.

Topics may include sourcing and procurement, transport logistics, inventories, customer service, and global trade. Graduates may find careers as a supply chain analyst, logistics coordinator, inventory manager, procurement officer, or supply chain consultant.

University degrees and postgraduate qualifications are available... READ MORE

Technology Management (Postgraduate)

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The ability to effectively deploy new technologies is an in-demand skill. Good technology management improves a company's efficiency and capabilities, helping it to prosper.

Tech management courses include graduate certificates, masters and executive masters. The online programs are designed for IT professionals and business managers with technology interests.

Students explore key enterprise technologies, learning how to better manage databases, data analytics, information systems, cyber security, artificial intelligence and organisational change... READ MORE