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Australia’s Best Entrepreneurship Degrees Online, Featuring MBA and Bachelor Courses

You can study entrepreneurship at on online university – say, from your home or office. Australian universities offer fully online entrepreneurship degrees at bachelor and masters levels.

  • First-time university students can do an online Bachelor of Business degree with a major in Entrepreneurship.
  • For university graduates and experienced professionals, you can do an online MBA with an entrepreneurship study stream.

A degree in entrepreneurship will better position you to start a small business or be a fantastic employee who sees the big picture. Entrepreneurs are industrious people who turn vision into reality. They see opportunities, find solutions to problems and take the initiative.

Companies are looking for “T-shaped” employees for entry level and managerial positions. These individuals have a specialization in a relevant field as well as broad understanding of the business environment – allowing them to approach issues from a strategic, outside-the-box, boundary-spanning perspective.

Best Bachelor Degrees

The best online bachelor degrees in entrepreneurship provide the right combination of theory and practice. As well as learning entrepreneurial principles, you get the opportunity to apply problem-solving skills to challenging projects.

The top entrepreneurship programs are designed for online study. They use digital technologies to keep you motivated and produce excellent learning outcomes.

  • The emphasis is on real learning rather than cramming for exams.
  • You demonstrate competencies as you go via projects, assignments and short knowledge tests.

Good online entrepreneurship programs also allow you to work collaboratively with other students on projects.

  • Group work is useful for diversifying the online learning experience.
  • It also helps you build connections for study and/or future ventures.
Online entrepreneur and bachelor degree student.

Torrens University Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship

Torrens University Australia has partnered with Ducere Global Business School to provide an undergraduate program in which students train to be entrepreneurs. You can study for a diploma, associate degree or bachelor degree in Applied Entrepreneurship.

The program is 100% online and you can work at your own pace. There are four intakes per year: January, April, July and October. The courses feature content from business and world leaders, as well as applied industry-based projects (including business startup).

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University of Adelaide MBA

The University of Adelaide’s online MBA is designed to prepare graduates to run a company or take on other challenging management roles. Core units include Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation Management. You can do a research project of your choosing. And you learn essential business skills in fields such as accounting and finance, marketing and leadership.

Students benefit from the knowledge and insights of the Adelaide Business School. All the modern conveniences and included, such as 100% online study, 6-week teaching blocks, interactive learning opportunities and dedicated online support. You can start the program with the 4-unit Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, which is open to people without a university degree.

Ducere Global Business School MBA (Innovation and Leadership)

Ducere Global Business School offers a fully online MBA that connects you to industry. The Melbourne-based Business School has teamed with Torrens University Australia to offer an innovative, applied degree. You build entrepreneurial skills by completing online team projects with Australian businesses.

Unlike most other MBA programs, you gain plenty of real-world experience. Students spend only limited time on theory and don't waste any energy on traditional long exams. Topics include market strategy, innovation and operational change. The program features content from CEOs and world leaders.