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Entrepreneur Training Programs (Accredited)

Entrepreneur training programs.

Online entrepreneur training programs are available from a limited number of Australian colleges and universities. You can study for an accredited diploma or degree in business and entrepreneurship.

  • Entrepreneur training programs focus on start-up and innovation phases of developing a business. They teach you how to bring ideas to market.
  • Online courses also develop general business skills, which entrepreneurs need as much as specialist knowledge.

The best entrepreneurship courses get you working on projects as well. Students gain hands-on experience in handling business tasks.

Many entrepreneurs view formal education as costly, mainly because of the time that needs to be spent. But research shows that, the higher the education level, the greater the success. College gives people additional skills that can be used within their business.

~ Wikipedia

Diploma Programs

An online diploma in entrepreneurship teaches core skills and knowledge for building a business. To study entrepreneurship, you need to enrol in a Diploma of Business course and choose appropriate units.

  • Accredited online diploma programs can be finished in as little as 9-12 months.
  • Courses are flexible, allowing you to go fast or slow depending on other commitments.

Online diplomas are ideal if you haven't studied business before. You can learn valuable all-round skills and gain confidence in taking on business challenges.

Entrepreneur Bachelor Degrees

Studying for an online bachelor degree in entrepreneurship gives you 3 years of applied business training.

  • To be a successful entrepreneur, you need a strong skill set in multiple areas. A good entrepreneurship degree will develop your business skills broadly.
  • Unlike many bachelor degrees, you can also expect a large amount of project-based work. Hands-on training is what distinguishes a genuine entrepreneurship program from a theory course.

Your bachelor degree could prove invaluable in setting up a great entrepreneurial career. Graduates often look to gain employment with young firms operating in growth sectors, where you can quickly build skills and industry connections.

Business classes are not a prerequisite for entrepreneurship and, yes, some of the most storied startup founders were college dropouts. But many others say they benefited from academic courses and experiential learning opportunities that focused on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

~ Mike Peña, Stanford

TUA Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship

The best undergraduate business degree for budding entrepreneurs is the Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship offered by Torrens University Australia in partnership with Ducere Global Business School. The course is designed to train entrepreneurs. You learn important business principles without having to do long theory-based exams. And you are able to develop business plans through project work. The online program can be completed part-time. Study areas include innovation, leadership and management, sales and marketing, pitching and presentations, and investments and fundraising.

Graduate Programs

You can study entrepreneurship as a specialisation in an online MBA program. Different qualifications are available depending on how much of the program you complete.

  • A graduate certificate is 4 units (1 semester of full-time study).
  • A full MBA is typically 12 units (3 semesters).

A masters program in entrepreneurship is ideal for graduates with some business experience who are looking to upgrade their skills and qualifications. The course allows you to build expertise in areas that align with your interests and aspirations.

If you lack a university degree, you can start with a graduate certificate course. You may be able to gain entry based on professional experience.

Entrepreneur studying online with a tablet.

TUA Graduate Business Program

In partnership with Ducere Global Business School, Torrens University Australia offers graduate entrepreneurial training. The Innovation and Leadership program contains a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration course. This provides valuable skills and is a good way to test and start MBA studies. The business program is all about teaching practical skills and allows you to work on real projects with Australian companies. You'll learn how to adapt and innovate.