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Master of Mental Health Nursing

A Master of Mental Health Nursing creates career opportunities for registered nurses, both within nursing and beyond. Online MMHN programs are designed for working professionals.
Master of Mental Health Nursing

A Masters in Mental Health Nursing provides a pathway for registered nurses to become accredited mental health professionals. Students in a masters program range from recent nursing graduates to nurses with prior experience in the mental health field.

By completing a Masters of Mental Health Nursing program, you learn different ways to support people who are suffering from a mental health condition. You examine the issues Australians commonly face, evidence-based approaches to treatment, and how to help clients in different settings such as in the community, private practice and public healthcare clinics.

Master of Mental Health Nursing Online

Master of Mental Health Nursing online

If you study for a Master of Mental Health Nursing online, you can choose to maintain a full-time job. Online courses are available that are part-time and 100% online. What's more, they're designed with working professionals in mind.

Master of Mental Health Nursing from SCU Online

The Master of Mental Health Nursing from Southern Cross University is accredited with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. As a graduate, you're eligible to be an accredited mental health nurse. The affordable, 100% online course is open to Registered Nurses (Division 1). You can expect a smooth learning journey with SCU Online. Each of the 12 subjects takes less than 2 months of study. You can complete the part-time program in under 2 years. Topics include appraising evidence, acute mental health, supporting behavioural change, and leadership in clinical practice.

Mental Health Nursing Careers

Mental health nurse clinician

Graduating with a Masters of Mental Health Nursing degree opens up tremendous career opportunities. You could, for example, work as a mental health nurse, registered nurse, case worker, nurse coordinator, liaison clinician, or health services manager.

Demand for mental health professionals is always strong because of how common it is for Australians of all ages to experience mental health issues. Around 1 in 5 adult Australians experience a mental health problem each year. According to Better Health, the most common mental illnesses experienced are anxiety, mood disorders (such as depression) and substance use disorders.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.