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Best Masters of Nursing Online in Australia

Further your nurse career. Choose a top-rated master's degree from an Australian university.

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A Masters in Nursing is an advanced training program for registered nurses that goes beyond basic skills. In Australia, higher-level qualifications are essential for roles such as Nurse Unit Manager, Clinical Nurse Consultant, and Nurse Educator.

Online courses offer a convenient and affordable way to study. Balance nursing and family commitments while earning a degree. You can typically complete a masters part-time in two years. Choose a specialisation to achieve career goals.

Best Online Nursing Masters

Ready to elevate your nursing career? Discover the top Masters of Nursing offered 100% online in Australia. Whether you're aiming to specialise in Advanced Practice, Leadership, Mental Health, or Education, these courses are designed to fit around your busy lifestyle.

JCU Online - Master of Advanced Practice Nursing

The Advanced Practice major at James Cook University develops your ability to deliver comprehensive care in clinical settings. Specialised topics include advanced and applied health assessments, quality use of medicines, and diagnostic reasoning. The 12-subject online program gives the option to start with a graduate certificate (4 units) or graduate diploma (8 units). You can potentially finish the accelerated (year-round) course in under 2 years while working full-time.

SCU Online - Master of Mental Health Nursing

Southern Cross University's Master of Mental Health Nursing is ACMHN accredited. Graduates qualify as credentialed mental health nurses. The budget-friendly course is available to Division 1 Registered Nurses. Each of the 12 modules requires less than two months to finish, allowing you to earn your degree in under two years part-time. Subjects cover evaluating research, acute mental healthcare, behavioural change support, and clinical leadership.

JCU Online - Master of Nursing Leadership and Management

As part of the popular Master of Nursing program at James Cook University, you can major in Leadership and Management. Specialised electives cover topics such as leading and managing in health, ethics and health management, finance for health managers, and conflict and dispute resolution. The program is 100% online and open to RNs. You can complete the 12-subject program in just under 2 years part-time. Most participants balance online study with a full-time job.

JCU Online - Master of Nursing Education

An Education major is available in the postgraduate nursing program at James Cook University. You need to complete these electives: Principles of Education for the Health Professional, Teaching in Practice Settings, Clinical Coaching, and Contemporary Healthcare Education. The course is 100% online and ideal for nurses who may be working full-time. The 12-subject degree takes 2 years of part-time study. All resources are accessible via an online learning platform.

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

Masters in Nursing courses are often specialised, so what you will study is course dependent. However, most postgraduate programs cover general topics such as clinical governance, management and leadership, persuasive communication, and research methods.

To give you an idea of the course structure for a 12-subject degree, here are example subjects from several majors. Some of these form a four-subject Graduate Certificate in Nursing course or an 8-subject Graduate Diploma in Nursing.

James Cook University

Advanced Practice
Advanced Health Assessment
Applied Health Assessment and Advanced Practice
Diagnostic Reasoning for Advanced Practice
Quality Use of Medicines in Practice

Clinical Coaching
Contemporary Healthcare Education
Principles of Education for the Health Professional
Teaching in Practice Settings

Leadership and Management
Business and Finance for the Health Manager
Conflict and Dispute Resolution in Healthcare
Ethics and Health Management
Leading and Managing in Health

Career Opportunities

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With nursing being a large employment sector, earning a master's degree creates many career opportunities. Postgraduate education supports movement into specialist, management and nurse educator roles. Examples of jobs you may qualify for include clinical nurse specialist, clinical nurse consultant, nurse trainer, nurse unit manager, and nursing director.

The degree opens up new prospective career paths. Anything beyond ordinary jobs for registered nurses may become available to you with an advanced qualification. Here are examples of specialist and high-level roles that postgraduate study may support or enable.

Entry Requirements

Common entry requirements are: a Bachelor of Nursing degree or equivalent qualification AND registration as a Registered Nurse (Division 1) or Registered Midwife AND a year of clinical experience.

For specialist study streams, you may also have to currently work in a relevant health setting. Enquire to find out the detailed requirements for any of the online programs listed.

Note that very different requirements apply for Master of Nursing (graduate entry) programs. Entry to practice Masters of Nursing degrees are unavailable online. The main admission requirement for these nurse training courses is a bachelor degree in any discipline.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.