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Online MBA Courses in Australia

Find the ideal online MBA for you. Australia's best online MBA courses are right here.
Online MBA Australia

Which online MBA program from Australia would you prefer? How about the cheapest, a marketing MBA, or a data analysis specialisation? Maybe you just want the best all-round degree. Here are the 11 best types of online MBA courses.

MBA Courses Online

Accelerated Online MBA

Accelerated Online MBA

An online Master of Business Administration is accelerated when you can study across the year without any long breaks. The advantage of the accelerated study mode is that you can finish your degree 33% faster.

In Australia, an accelerated program makes it possible to earn your MBA over 12 months of full-time study or 24 months part-time.

Accelerated programs are preferred by many. You're able to make progress steadily and consistently as a working professional. Here's a list of excellent accelerated courses from Australian universities... READ MORE

Best Online MBA Courses in Australia

Business management professionals

All MBA programs displayed on this page are recommended by Lerna Australia and we consider them to be among the best online MBA programs in Australia.

Here's a shortlist of value-for-money programs that you might consider the best for different reasons. What they share in common are that: (a) the courses are well priced, flexible and accelerated (b) students benefit from advanced learning technology and (c) assessment is continuous and doesn't rely on exams.

James Cook University

Just about everything you could want in an online MBA program is offered by James Cook University. As you'd expect, the affordable program runs year-round – allowing you to finish quicker or, if you want, take a break at any time of year. Students focus on 1 unit at a time, which allows study to be combined with full-time work. You're also assigned a Student Success Advisor and can access everything you need via LearnJCU. The program offers the choice of 3 concentration areas: global perspective and strategy, data management and analytics, and organisational leadership.

Ducere Global Business School

Ducere Global Business School has been running an excellent MBA program for a number of years. Graduates receive an MBA degree from the Business School's university partner, Torrens University Australia. The program has strong claims to be Australia's best. Professional development revolves around doing real online projects in small teams.

You develop applied skills and form online connections with Australian businesses. The program provides a better learning model for mature-age students who: (a) want to develop real skills and (b) don't want to waste time on academic exams. Completion rates are fantastic, showing just how much students enjoy the activities.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide’s online MBA brings the best of both worlds. You benefit from the expertise, knowledge and insights of the Adelaide Business School. At the same time, students are afforded all the modern conveniences, such as 100% online study, 6-week teaching blocks, interactive learning opportunities and dedicated online support. The curriculum is well thought out and rigorous. Students gain the tools to confidently manage teams or run a company, studying topics such as leadership, finance, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

A great investment as part of your MBA studies would be to become knowledgeable and proficient in business analysis. With an MBA in Business Analytics, you'll learn how to leverage data to inform business decisions.

To survive and thrive, companies increasingly must exploit big data to understand business processes and customers, allowing for data-driven strategy and decision making.

You can study for this specialisation with or without a relevant background. Graduates are trained to generate, present, commission, interpret and act on business intelligence... READ MORE

Cheapest in Australia

Online purchase

If you don't want to pay too much, Australia's cheapest MBA programs offer the best value for money. By "cheapest", we mean an MBA from an Australian university that is both affordable and good quality

Here's what we recommend for value in 2022. These are the two cheapest MBA degrees according to the Good Universities guide. Each costs around $33k in total.

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University (SCU Online) offers an affordable MBA that you do on a modern learning platform. The 100% online program has 6 start points per year and consists of a series of 7-week modules. You can choose the general program or major in: accounting, health services management, information and knowledge management, or managing and leading people. SCU Online programs are built just for distance learning, making for easy and intuitive online learning.

UNE MBA (Data and Cyber Management)

One of the most industry-relevant MBA degrees is available from Australia's leading online university, the University of New England. UNE's MBA with a specialisation in Data and Cyber Management is designed for the managers of the future. It encompasses critical skills that all managers need in today’s digital economy. The 12-unit program covers financial management, business strategy, big data, the cyber mindset, digital operations, project management and leadership in practice. Students complete an industry project organised by UNE's education partner, Ducere Global Business School.

Cyber Security

MBA in Cyber Security

Protecting the online business environment and securing sensitive data are essential in many business management roles. Gain these skills as part of your MBA education with an online MBA in Cyber Security Management.

Topics you may study in a cybersecurity MBA include risk analysis, threat management, digital operations and big data. As well, students do general MBA subjects such as leadership and project management.

Graduating with an MBA in Cyber Security Management positions you for any leadership role while also giving you an inside track on cybersecurity jobs... READ MORE

Data Analytics

MBA in Data Analytics

Data analytics is relevant to many management positions. The best leaders leverage business analysis to support decision making. Understand data analytics well allows you to make better decisions and be a technology manager.

An MBA in Data Analytics builds important digital fluency and knowledge. As well as some analytics training, you learn about decision modelling, data management and cyber security.

You don't need a technical background for an MBA in Data Analytics. As with most MBA courses, leadership and management training is the focus... READ MORE

Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry in Australia is huge and expanding. If you work in health, or would like to, Australian universities offer a selection of online Health MBA courses.

Health majors include Health Management, Digital Health Transformation, and Health Services Management. In all cases, you gain a management and leadership qualification that has value in all industries but especially in healthcare.

Health administration courses are open to graduates from all disciplines. Experience within healthcare or social care services may be beneficial but is generally not essential... READ MORE

Human Resource Management


An MBA with an HR specialisation is good for HR managers who want to diversify their skill sets. The course is also suitable for general managers looking to strengthen their knowledge and skills in human resource management.

In human resources, managerial responsibilities may include recruitment, performance management systems, learning and development coordination, employee relations, and dispute resolution.

An MBA (HR) is a general management and leadership qualification. Most subjects will be on core business management topics... READ MORE


MBA (Marketing)

Marketing is a core business discipline that features in virtually every MBA degree. But you can go a step further and specialise in digital marketing.

A marketing specialisation works for both experienced marketers and those without a marketing background. You learn marketing from a manager's perspective, positioning yourself for executive marketing positions as well as general management roles.

Topics you may explore include digital consumer behaviour, emerging technologies, digital marketing today, and data-driven marketing... READ MORE

Sustainable MBA Programs

Sustainable MBA's online

An MBA education gives you the opportunity to develop your ability to lead a sustainable organisation. Responsible leadership is about looking outward – beyond just narrow, short-term goals (Grahame Broadbelt).

Key themes in a sustainable MBA online are (a) considering all stakeholders, from customers through to regulators and social impact (b) establishing sustainable business practices and (c) having a global mindset.

Doing a sustainability-themed course gives you the mental space, and the conceptual and applied frameworks, to develop as a responsible leader. Students learn how to make decisions with big-picture considerations in mind.

Griffith MBA (Responsible Leadership)

An excellent way to learn responsible leadership is with the 100% online MBA offered by Griffith University. The 12-unit program has core values of responsible leadership, sustainable business practice and global orientation. Students learn a modern, progressive leadership style. The flexible MBA can be studied part-time, year-round. A graduate certificate (4 units) is also available within the program. Subjects include economics, finance, marketing, integrated accounting, people, strategy, and doing business across the Asia-Pacific region.

Technology Management MBA

Technology MBA online

MBA in Information Technology, Technology MBA and MBA in Technology Management broadly refer to the same kind of programme. Any Master of Business Administration is essentially a management and leadership course, one in which you can also learn to manage technology projects.

While technical content may be limited, you can still get deep into technology subjects. Specialisations include cyber security management, data analytics management, and design and innovation.

For more technical learning, consider a Masters in Technology Management... READ MORE

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

In Australia, an MBA typically consists of 12 subjects. Program duration may vary depending on advanced standing, which refers to the credit you receive for prior learning (education and work experience). In roughly equal proportions, you'll study:

  1. Business disciplines such as accounting, finance, economics and marketing. You'll learn these from a manager's perspective, emphasising business strategy as opposed to technical skill development.
  2. Management and leadership topics, such as organisational theory and business management principles. MBA students enhance their leadership abilities through "reflection, knowledge building and experiential learning." (Mallory)
  3. An area of individual or program specialisation. Most MBA graduates have given extra attention to a particular topic, such as business analytics or digital marketing. Specialisations can be baked into the program, chosen up-front, or constructed through choices for elective units.

The course structure may also include a capstone subject, which is a major project you do at the end of the program. The capstone unit is an opportunity to put theory into practice and also explore a particular area of interest. Often, the capstone course counts as two subjects.

Learning Outcomes

Online learning outcomes

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the premier education program for managers and leaders. You'll gain a combination of core business knowledge and skills, management and leadership strategies, and advanced skills in your area(s) of specialisation. Expect to achieve the following learning outcomes.

1. A well-rounded business education

Have you noticed that essentially every business, whether small or large, needs people to handle accounting, finance and marketing activities? By earning an MBA, you'll strengthen your knowledge of core business disciplines. You'll gain the business literacy required to interpret information and perform and delegate tasks.

2. Management and leadership insights

A key reason why you need professional experience before starting an MBA is to gain real-world lessons on managerial challenges, pitfalls, mistakes and triumphs. That experience provides context for learning how to manage and lead effectively.

Prior experience gives you real-life case studies that you can dissect during your MBA studies, while also adding life to the hypothetical scenarios you explore. As an MBA graduate, you'll come away equipped with strategies for how to manage and lead successfully.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for an MBA in Australia vary by graduate school. A business background is not required. You can be admitted to almost any university with a bachelor degree and 3+ years of professional experience. You can also access programs without a degree if you have an extensive leadership history.

Here are examples of admission requirements. Enquire for further details.


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