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MBA in Digital Marketing Online in Australia

Develop expertise in digital marketing and business management with a specialised online MBA.

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Become a business manager with advanced marketing skills. With an online MBA in Digital Marketing, you will learn how to direct strategic digital campaigns. This course builds expertise in using data and online platforms to maximise profits.

An MBA (Digital Marketing) examines the role of technology in driving success. It delves into new and emerging digital platforms, big data, and online consumer behaviour, among other topics. Each subject, whether in marketing management or more general business areas, is useful for leaders today.

Course Overview

The online MBA in Digital Marketing offers a mix of 12 subjects: 8 core and 4 electives. Core topics include data-driven decision-making and marketing in the age of technology, while electives cover digital consumer behaviour and emerging technologies.

The flexible, part-time program, which can be completed over 24 months while employed full-time, is ideal for busy professionals. Gain skills in designing campaign strategies, analysing market data, and using key digital platforms. This course prepares you for a competitive career in the digital age.

Why an MBA in Digital Marketing Is Worth It

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This Master of Business Administration program is a solid investment, offering expanded career opportunities and a competitive edge. The specialised digital marketing MBA is designed to pave the way to executive roles.

Whether you're a general manager or marketing manager, or want to move in either one of those directions, an MBA with a Marketing major is an excellent education investment. Marketing, especially digital marketing, drives the fortunes of businesses and organisations across Australia. This MBA is a bedrock for career progression in general management and specialist executive roles.

The degree not only improves your job prospects but can also contribute to higher salaries. Specialising in Marketing during your MBA journey elevates the degree's potential payoff. Executive marketing roles tend to be high paying, but so are generalist managerial positions where knowledge of technology and marketing is advantageous. This combination of benefits makes the MBA a valuable addition to your professional credentials.

UTS Online - MBA (Digital Marketing)

The UTS Online MBA develops strategic leadership skills and analytical capabilities to make evidence-based decisions. The Digital Marketing specialisation is ideal for both experienced marketers and managers from a non-marketing background. You'll benefit from a blend of instruction in business subjects, management principles, and modern marketing approaches. The accelerated online program consists of 8 core subjects and 4 electives, with 6 digital marketing subjects to choose from. Topics include digital consumer behaviour, data-driven marketing, and emerging technologies. You can study for this online MBA part-time while working full-time.

What You Can Do After the MBA

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Earning an MBA in Digital Marketing distinguishes you as a forward-thinking leader. This degree's value is apparent in decision-making roles, where familiarity with digital campaign strategies can drive business growth.

Executives who effectively integrate marketing and business planning often deliver exceptional results for their companies. Typically, successful firms have leadership that recognises the importance of marketing and is willing to invest in it.

In today's technology-driven environment, business administration skills combined with contemporary marketing knowledge form a potent pair. This MBA benefits a range of professionals, from marketing managers and CMOs to general managers and company directors, who can capitalise on the innovation opportunities it presents.

Executive marketing jobs

  • Account Executive
  • Advertising Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Media Director
  • Director of Marketing
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Executive

Business management roles

  • Business Consultant
  • Business Development Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • General Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Program Manager

Salary Potential

A Marketing MBA prepares you for senior roles in directing sales and other business activities, beyond being a professional marketer. It is highly advantageous for advancing to executive positions.

Indicatively, graduates with substantial professional accomplishments can expect salaries upwards of $98k. Recent statistics reveal that marketing managers receive an average annual salary of $104,431, business development managers earn $98,619, and product managers earn $124,130. These executive positions often prioritise candidates with an MBA degree as a preferred qualification.

High salary potential also exists in less common roles such as chief marketing officer (CMO) and marketing strategy consultant. Employers value the specialised knowledge, strategic thinking, and expertise in cross-team collaboration that business administration graduates bring to the table.

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

In Australia, a Master of Business Administration online is typically a 12-subject degree. Your MBA curriculum will consist of compulsory core courses, electives and possibly a capstone course at the end. To qualify for your preferred specialisation, you need to choose electives from that study stream.

The MBA (Digital Marketing) from UTS Online is made up of 8 core subjects* and 4 electives. The part-time program is rich in marketing subjects, with 6 electives to choose from. As well, 'Marketing in the Age of Technology' is one of the core courses every candidate is required to complete.

Digital marketing electives

* Core subjects are: Accounting for Decision Makers, Data-Driven Decision-Making, Financial Fundamentals, Governance and Sustainability, Leading People and Change, Managerial Economics, Marketing in the Age of Technology, Strategy and Negotiation.

Learning Outcomes

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The learning outcomes from a marketing MBA include competencies you'd expect to build from any MBA program, such as the ability to: articulate leadership principles and strategies, strategically approach issues of conflict or dispute, read and interpret financial statements, and capture opportunities to use business analytics.

In terms of the digital marketing skills you acquire, learning outcomes may include the ability to:

  • Design and apply campaign strategies to deliver organisational value
  • Analyse consumer and market data to design strategies that achieve business outcomes
  • Use performance data to evaluate and optimise strategies and campaigns
  • Explain how key platforms can be used for marketing and brand management
  • Develop strategies for integrated communications and a seamless customer experience.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for a marketing MBA are generally the same as for any Master of Business Administration. You don't need a marketing background to qualify for course admission.

In Australia, you can gain entry to most business schools with a bachelor degree (or postgraduate qualification) and professional work experience. Additional pathways may exist for applicants with insufficient academic achievement or job experience.


† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.