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Masters of Marketing Online in Australia

Start or boost your marketing career with a Masters of Marketing or Masters in Digital Marketing online.
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Choose the online Masters of Marketing program to achieve your career goals. You may, for example, prefer digital marketing than classic marketing subjects. Marketing analytics is another specialisation available. Courses in Australia are open to university graduates and experienced professionals.

Marketing and Technology Skills Career Advantage

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Marketing has become a discipline built on digital literacy and technological know-how. And this is perhaps the number one reason why a marketing masters is worth it. Advanced studies allow you to build skills and knowledge to use technology to your advantage.

The future of marketing will revolve around digital platforms, analytics, machine learning and other technology-driven growth areas. If you want to maximise your chances for career success, you need to keep up. Modern marketers need a healthy dose of technical expertise to complement timeless attributes such as effective communication and good research skills.

Programs contain varied subjects that will equip you to take on almost any role in the industry. You'll gain a permanent career advantage from your education, with the potential to cover the costs of the degree many times over. Online courses allow you to study part-time while you work full-time.

Masters in Marketing Online

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A marketing masters is the ultimate education program if you're serious about a marketing career in Australia. A good online program supports the needs of different students. In your virtual class, you may find business graduates, non-business graduates and experienced professionals.

RMIT Online Master of Marketing

The Master of Marketing program at RMIT University is comprehensive, taking students through each of the major activities that marketing professionals do. You study, among other topics, brand strategy, services marketing, product innovation, interactive marketing, marketing analytics, advanced digital marketing, and customer experience. Each of the 12 subjects takes just 7 weeks and can be completed while working full-time. The 100% online degree is accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute and is ideal for working professionals.

Digital Marketing

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You may want to specialise in digital marketing if you feel comfortable that your career will be centred in the online world. All marketing masters feature digital topics, though a specialist digital marketing masters will likely contain more online-orientated content.

UTS Online Master of Digital Marketing

The UTS Master of Digital Marketing (Online) is designed for data-driven and creative marketing professionals who want to excel at the digital skills of today and prepare for future change. Developed by leading academics and industry experts, this course provides you with real-world knowledge and practical skills that you can apply immediately to your career. You will be introduced to the latest digital marketing concepts and learn how to harness analytics and technology to drive innovation and digital strategy. With flexible entry pathways, this course is designed to cater for professionals from various backgrounds. Whether you want to build foundational knowledge in marketing or upskill your tools and strategies, this degree covers all bases.

Marketing Analytics

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If you have strong ability in extracting meaning out of data, an analytics specialisation for your master's degree may be ideal.

A Masters in Marketing Analytics offers great value in the job market. Marketing is far more effective when grounded by sound business analytics on customers and campaign performance.

To study for a marketing analytics masters, you should have technical aptitude. Online classes are usually a mixture of technology professionals and those with a business or marketing background... READ MORE

MBA in Digital Marketing

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Balance marketing education with business management training by studying for an MBA (Digital Marketing).

A Master of Business Administration degree with a Digital Marketing specialisation is ideal for professionals moving into executive marketing or general leadership roles. You gain strong exposure to the latest developments in online marketing while building skills in areas such as accounting, economics, finance, governance, leadership and negotiation.

A marketing MBA is suitable whether or not you have a background in marketing. Subjects are taught from a manager's perspective... READ MORE

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

Masters programs are quite comprehensive, covering key knowledge areas for modern marketers. If you specialise in Digital Marketing, you'll devote extra time to learning advanced digital promotion methods.

Study areas include leadership based on data-driven decisions, consumer insights and analytics, digital strategies to take advantage of online capabilities, and applied market research.

The programs typically consist of 12 subjects, including core subjects and elective units. With accelerated online programs, you're able to study online part-time while working full-time. You complete one subject every couple of months, allowing the degree to be earned in two years of part-time study.

To give you an idea about course structure, here are example subjects from relevant programs.

Masters of Marketing

Master of Digital Marketing

Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a Masters in Marketing have a well-rounded body of skills and knowledge to take on diverse industry roles. You should come away with a sound understanding of marketing fundamentals, fluency in writing or talking about marketing, applied skills in digital marketing, and management strategies to achieve consistent success.

While your individual development results depend on the program, including core subjects and electives, here are potential learning outcomes you can achieve.

Leadership and communication
Be an authoritative marketing expert, communicating the business value of campaigns and guiding teams from strategic planning through to execution.

Future-focused skills
Recognise emerging industry trends and opportunities, applying technology skills to measure and optimise digital marketing strategies.

Marketing knowledge and concepts
Generate strategies to that lead to impactful business and marketing solutions. Bring expert knowledge of marketing techniques to solve different problems.

Critical thinking and analytical skills
Identify and systematically evaluate marketing opportunities. Use marketing analytics to uncover solutions that put your organisation ahead of the competition.

Career Opportunities

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A master's degree can be used to (a) upskill if you're in marketing already or (b) join the profession. In either case, the program will give you access to jobs that may be currently out of reach.

The master's opens career opportunities by giving you new cutting-edge skills and knowledge, plus a respected university qualification. Employment of Advertising and Marketing Professionals is growing, with jobs in Australia projected to increase by 11.4% to 89,000 over the 5 years to 2027.

Job titles in the marketing industry include marketing manager, marketing director, head of marketing, digital marketing coordinator, campaign manager, brand manager, and customer success executive.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements vary by program. Direct entry is generally assured if you have a business degree. If you have an unrelated degree or no degree, you may still gain access based on experience and/or by enrolling in an embedded graduate certificate course.

Here are examples of course admission requirements. Enquire for further details.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.