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Is a Marketing Degree Worth It in 2024?

Among the many education options available, especially in business, is a marketing degree worthwhile? Will the hard work pay off in terms of a good job and salary?

A degree in marketing is worth it for anyone with the ability and interest to make a go of a career in this field. The demand for exceptional marketing skills is always strong, with the success of every business relying on advertising and promotion efforts.

Being a marketer is much more than just a relatively fun business profession. By earning a degree and getting into this field, you could set yourself up for a secure and lucrative career.

Top 7 Reasons to Study Marketing

I’m involved in marketing on an almost daily basis and love this side of running a business. It is challenging, interesting, and can produce exciting payoffs. Here are my top seven reasons to study marketing and, especially, to pursue a degree.

1. You want to be in demand with employers 

Marketing jobs

A degree in marketing provides an excellent opportunity to enter a sought-after field. Jobs in marketing, advertising, and direct promotion also have some of the highest demand for candidates.

Jobs and Skills Australia projects employment for “Advertising and Marketing Professionals” will grow from 89.7k in 2023 to 107.9k by 2033, marking a 20% increase in marketing jobs over the next decade.

While the recent surge in marketing roles complements a global rebound in consumer activity, strong employer demand is a general theme. So long as companies sell services or products, marketers and public relations managers will be vital to reach old and new customers. 

So, if you’re looking for a future-proof role with long-term prospects, an undergraduate degree or masters in marketing can be ideal for you. 

2. You love embracing cutting-edge technologies

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Definitely consider a marketing degree if you enjoy exploring the boundaries of technology. The marketing profession is no longer just about traditional promotion. It’s a blend of technology, data analysis, and understanding human psychology.

AI, automation, and digital platforms are all reshaping the industry, making modern marketing technical and data-driven. While the marketers might have once relied in intuition and experience, these days you need to embrace tech and how it can make your work more efficient and powerful.

3. Because a degree is essential to succeed in marketing in 2024

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In the fast-paced field of marketing in 2024, having a degree has become essential. It provides a deep understanding of digital trends, consumer psychology, and data analytics, which are crucial in the current landscape.

Degrees are highly valued by employers, with many job listings preferring candidates who have at least a bachelor’s degree. For instance, in a survey of 286,000 marketing job ads, 89% of postings preferred candidates with a bachelor’s degree. With a marketing degree, you’re not just getting into the industry; you’re also armed with strategies and insights that help you stand out.

4. You want to explore different roles to find the perfect fit

With a marketing degree, you’re not just preparing for a job; you’re readying yourself to find your true calling in a field that celebrates diversity and innovation. I love the ever-changing and rich nature of this field. It means you’re not locked into a certain role in the way that I imagine an accountant, programmer, nurse, or teacher might be.

Marketing is a kaleidoscope of career paths, each offering a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and analytics. Whether you’re drawn to the imaginative world of advertising, the number-crunching realm of market research, or the dynamic sphere of digital marketing, a degree in marketing opens doors to a multitude of roles.

This career flexibility allows you to discover and hone your niche – be it crafting compelling narratives as a content marketer, decoding consumer trends as a market analyst, or driving brand success as a digital strategist. There is plenty of room to direct your career in the directions you find interesting and rewarding.

5. You wish to increase your earning potential

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Earning a marketing degree also has financial advantages. In general, people holding a bachelor’s degree tend to earn more than associate degree holders and high school graduates. 

With a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, you may also become eligible for senior roles that attract a higher salary. For example, Marketing Manager or Vice Presidents of Sales typically require a marketing degree, and both positions earn high six figure salaries. 

6. You’re interested in testing the waters before committing

Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

If you’re considering a career in marketing without a university background, you can start with online short courses or diplomas, focusing on areas like social media marketing. These provide a practical insight into the field.

Marketing is typically a major in business programs like Bachelor of Business or Commerce, allowing you to explore it alongside other disciplines.

For those with a degree, a Graduate Certificate in Marketing offers a concise, focused introduction to advanced marketing concepts, and can count towards a Master’s degree later.

7. You like the convenience of online learning

Online marketing class

If the time or financial costs of pursuing a full-time degree are points of hesitation for you, an online marketing degree may be a better fit for your circumstances.

Online marketing programs provide the same comprehensive and advanced learning available in on-campus courses. But they bring the added advantages of flexibility and low cost. You can study for a university or college degree without having to travel or take time off work.

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  1. olivia
    | Reply

    I’m an intern with a start-up. People in the marketing team are super creative and come up with these crazy ideas to grow the business. And I’m actually in 3rd semester of my marketing degree, and an inspired by their work. The above-mentioned path is what I am going to follow. Even though it’s a start-up, they make a good amount in salaries. The article has been really helpful. Thanks.

  2. Peter M.
    | Reply

    I used to be one of those people who didn’t think something like this was worth it but I’ve since changed my mind on the matter. My older brother ended up obtaining his marketing degree. He got it more so as filler but ended up landing a 6 figure job because of it. I am going to get mine next year.

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