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Top 8 Marketing Degrees Online in Australia

Create job opportunities with Australia's best marketing and digital marketing degrees.

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You should consider a marketing degree if you're solid with numbers and a good communicator. A grasp of psychology helps too. Marketing pros help businesses grow by reaching customers and convincing them to buy products.

A Bachelor of Business (Marketing) is normally the degree to go for if you haven't been to university before. If you have a degree already (any discipline), consider an online Master of Marketing.

Further study options also exist. A graduate certificate is a way to gain general or specialist skills and perhaps get started on a masters. Digital marketing degrees are available. And you can study marketing in the field of data analytics.

ECU - Bachelor of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

The online Bachelor of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at Edith Cowan University merges related disciplines so graduates can build the optimal skill set. You'll explore consumer behaviour, social media marketing, strategic branding, and more. Work placements and industry projects ensure that graduates are well-prepared for the job market.

RMIT - Graduate Certificate in Marketing

The RMIT Online Graduate Certificate in Marketing is an 8-month, part-time program. It combines four courses: marketing management, consumer behaviour, communication strategies, and research. Designed for both aspiring and current marketing managers, it offers practical skills for immediate impact. The course serves as a pathway to the Master of Marketing.

UTS - Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Digital Strategy

This UTS Online course builds foundational digital marketing skills over eight months, part-time. It includes four subjects, such as Customer Centric Marketing and Consumer Insights, with elective options like Data-Driven Marketing. It's a stepping stone to the Master of Digital Marketing. Entry is open to those with a degree or relevant work experience.

UTS - Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

The UTS Online Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing offers essential knowledge for strategic leadership in this field. This 8-month, part-time, online course includes four subjects: Digital Marketing Today, Digital Customer Behaviour, Data-Driven Marketing, and Branding in the Digital World. Admission requires a relevant bachelor's degree or professional experience.

RMIT - Master of Marketing

RMIT Online's Master of Marketing develops skills for future leadership, blending foundational principles with digital innovation. It's designed for current and future marketing managers. The two-year, part-time program offers five core and seven elective courses. It covers topics such as brand strategy, product innovation, analytics, and services promotion.

UTS - Master of Digital Marketing

The UTS Online Master of Digital Marketing is for professionals targeting advanced roles. It requires a business degree or relevant work experience. This two-year, part-time program covers analytics, strategy, customer experience, and emerging technologies. Graduates often progress to roles such as digital marketing manager, strategy specialist, and analytics consultant.

UNSW - Master of Analytics (Marketing)

The UNSW Online Master of Analytics (Marketing) is for professionals looking to apply data analytics heavily in their marketing work. It requires a business degree or relevant experience. The 12 courses explore analytics in depth, along with specialised topics such as marketing analytics foundations, social media and digital analytics, and managing customer analytics.

UTS - MBA (Digital Marketing)

The UTS Online MBA in Digital Marketing prepares professionals for leadership roles. Offered part-time and online, it includes topics such as digital consumer behaviour and data-driven marketing. Suitable for both current and aspiring executives, this program enhances career and salary opportunities in management. It combines strategic leadership with marketing skills.

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

Marketing degrees vary widely in structure and focus. A bachelor's degree usually includes 24 units, with less than half on marketing. Master's programs, often 12 subjects, have a stronger marketing emphasis. Graduate certificates provide a taste of a master’s with four subjects.

The main distinction between general and digital marketing degrees is the amount of digital content. Digital specialisations typically cover more on digital platforms, data analytics, and social media.

Here are sample subjects from Australian university programs to show study areas.

Bachelor degree

Graduate certificate

Masters degree

Marketing analytics masters

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.