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UNSW Online - Master of Analytics (Marketing)

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In UNSW Online's Master of Analytics (Marketing), you learn to identify and use advanced analytical tools to navigate data-rich environments, such as integrating customer relationship management (CRM) with big data analytics.

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Is a Masters in Marketing Analytics Worth It?

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A Masters in Marketing Analytics is highly worthwhile if you have an interest in the statistical side of marketing. Not only is this a dynamic and fascinating line of work, but the master's degree provides an excellent foundation for career progress.

UNSW Online's Master of Analytics (Marketing) program enhances this value by blending top-tier instruction with hands-on experience. Delivered entirely online, students learn to better understand customers and craft effective marketing strategies from data insights.

The course structure, which includes core analytics, marketing specialisations, and a capstone project, ensures graduates have a well-rounded skill set. The degree offers immediate career benefits and sets graduates on a path for sustained success. Graduates are head and shoulders above most marketers and data analysts in their ability to grow revenue by exploiting data.

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