Masters in Business Analytics Online

Get the comprehensive training you need to take on any business analytics role with a Masters in Business Analytics online. General analytics, business analytics and marketing specialisations are available.
Masters in Business Analytics

A great business analyst has technical skills but also the business insights and strategies to shape decision making. You can add all these tools to your game with a Masters in Business Analytics online. The 12-subject program covers topics such as data processing, machine learning, data visualisation, and customer and marketing analytics.

A Masters in Analytics is a versatile course that prepares you for roles at both the data-crunching and client-facing stages of the business analytics process.

Foundational data analytics training is complemented with applied problem solving and business reporting in this course. Topics include introductory data analysis, big data management, financial modelling, decision making in analytics, and business analytics and consulting.

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Masters in Business Analytics

Masters in Business Analytics

Leave recruiters in no doubt about your capabilities by completing Masters in Business Analytics online with a leading Australian university. You'll learn a combination of data wrangling skills and techniques for generating and presenting business insights. The master's program is suitable for technology experts as well as business professionals with an aptitude for analytics.

UTS Online Master of Business Analytics

In a world dominated by data, the UTS Online Master of Business Analytics positions you for career success. Delivered 100% online, this course is designed for professionals who want to build their business acumen and data skills to meet the growing industry demand. You’ll upgrade your skills and knowledge in data, and learn to identify, design and facilitate data-driven solutions that influence organisational change. Informed and taught through the UTS Business School, which is AACSB accredited, you’ll be learning from academics at the forefront of business analytics.

Masters in Marketing Analytics

Masters in Marketing Analytics

Everyone in marketing knows the important of analytics. Simple things such as understanding your customers or running an effective campaign benefit from data insights. A Masters in Marketing Analytics positions you to be one of the most in-demand professionals or managers in the industry.

Master of Analytics (Marketing) at UNSW Online

The Master of Analytics (Marketing) from UNSW is a program for marketers who want to excel at analysis. Marketing effectiveness can be greatly improved by the skilled handling of data such as campaign statistics, customer information and social media data. This 12-subject course gives you the tools to be an in-demand, high-value analyst and strategist. The program is ideal for full-time workers, with subjects delivered one at a time in 7-week teaching blocks. Topics include marketing analytics foundations, programming principles, customer analytics, social media analytics, and big data.

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

What you study in a Masters of Business Analytics depends on the program and electives you choose. The curriculum may look very different if you're interested in programming and data analytics versus a program orientated towards business decision-making. The standard length of a masters is 12 subjects.

To give you an idea of what you could study, here are example subjects from two online degrees.

Learning Outcomes

A Masters in Business Analytics can be a quite comprehensive program that allows you to start working as a business analyst immediately. You're expected to continue with self-directed learning after graduating, to strengthen your skills in certain areas to meet work demands. But a good program will provide you with essential business analysis tools to extract insights from data.

Learning outcomes include that you're able to:

  • source and analyse data and generate insights using the latest tools and techniques available
  • perform predictive analytics using methods such as linear and logistic regression
  • take complex information and translate it into compelling, visual data stories that influence stakeholders.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with a Masters in Business Analytics are highly employable. Whether you favour technical roles or are most interested in business strategy and communication, this degree makes you highly qualified for almost any business analyst job.

Prospective job titles include junior business analyst, business analyst, senior business analyst, data analyst, consumer analyst, market analyst, business development manager, business analytics consultant, people analytics consultant, and digital marketing analyst.

Where could you work? Almost anywhere. Organisations across every industry and sector find value in business analytics, whether they employee analysts in-house or hire consultancy services.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for Masters of Business Analytics vary by university. A relevant degree with strong grades is generally a sufficient qualification. More relaxed entry pathways are available by enrolling in a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.

Here are examples of program admission requirements. Enquire for further details.

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Master’s in Business Analytics vs MBA

If considering a Business Analytics program versus an MBA, be aware that these disciplines will require different skills and qualifications.
† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.