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15 Best Business Courses Online in Australia

Business courses are great for gaining knowledge and setting up a career. Choose the right specialisation and program for your future.

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In a business course, you can study accounting, analytics, commerce, economics, finance, human resources, logistics, management, marketing, and more. Let's explore the best online business courses in Australia.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, these courses will help you achieve your career goals. With the convenience and flexibility of online learning, you can study from anywhere at any time. So why wait? Start your journey to a successful business career today!


Top 15 Business Programs in 2023

This list of the best courses in business covers many important specialisations and is close to comprehensive. If you're interested in a business-related career, you can probably find the ideal kind of education program for your needs right here.

Accounting courses prepare students to be professional accountants or pursue other finance-related careers where dollar figures matter.

Learning the discipline provides a strong platform for any business career. Accounting is known as the language of business and is central to financial management. Numerous job opportunities exist in both accounting and finance.

Bachelor degrees and professional masters programs both enable you to meet the education requirements for accreditation with professional accounting bodies in Australia... READ MORE

Studying business administration helps you to manage systems and people efficiently. This broad discipline is popular at all levels, from Certificate III and IV through to diploma, graduate diploma and MBA levels.

Business administration refers to practical activities such as budgeting, developing corporate documents, organising meetings and keeping financial records. But the term also covers soft skills, team management and leadership.

Every good administration program builds business skills that can be used across diverse workplaces, industries and disciplines... READ MORE

Learning business analytics may really pay off if you have ability in maths, IT and finance. Most analytics courses are postgraduate, with students often coming from a business, technology or maths background.

Topics covered often covered in these programs include: customer analytics, data visualisation, machine learning, financial analytics, marketing analytics, principles of programming, and big data management.

Business analysts are in demand across all Australian industries. The job is about using data to help inform strategic management decisions... READ MORE

Business management programs are for people who ultimately want to be the boss. You learn a structured approach to managing people and operations, applying insights into management and leadership best practices.

It can pay to study management as an asset towards getting your first supervisory position or as you climb the ranks. Not only do you learn management and leadership skills, but you become better at communicating your knowledge (which is good for interviews).

Business management career opportunities are available essentially everywhere... READ MORE

By studying economics, you learn how economies and markets function. You also develop analytical and report writing skills.

Top economics graduates work as economists for government agencies and large corporations. But an economics degree is also valuable for other business careers. Analytical and other skills are highly transferable.

Completing an economics degree program demonstrates you have: (a) good all-round maths skills; (b) problem solving abilities and (c) determination when faced with a difficult task... READ MORE

Being an entrepreneur requires some serious skills to back up your great idea and willingness to have a go. Entrepreneur courses focus on how to manage a small business and start new ventures.

Things you learn in entrepreneur programs include marketing, business strategy, corporate governance, managing virtual teams, research and development, innovation strategies, and commercialisation.

Studying entrepreneurship can be the start of an exciting journey as you join a community of people who take on challenges for potentially great rewards... READ MORE

Finance can be a lucrative sector to work in. But the only sure way to get there is to start with a good education.

At an undergraduate level, you can study for a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a Finance major. Combining finance and accounting in your studies is often recommended as well. Finance professionals should possess accounting skills.

Master of Finance programs are also popular. They're good for business graduates who want advanced skills as well as non-finance professionals looking to switch into the sector. You can specialise in Applied Finance as well as Financial Technology... READ MORE

Health administration is a discipline that you generally study after gaining experience in a health or social services industry. Postgraduate courses are popular with experienced professionals in the early stage of a management career.

We need health administrators to manage hospitals and aged care facilities. They're also needed to administer government healthcare programs and lead teams such as nursing units and social welfare agencies.

A Master of Health Administration or equivalent program is much like an MBA. But the curriculum is adapted for healthcare sectors... READ MORE

Specialising in human resource management opens up enormous job opportunities. HR managers and, indeed an HR team, can be found in almost any large organisation.

As well as many potential employers, there is a well-defined career path and excellent salary prospects. You can start as an assistant and work up to senior executive positions.

To become a human resources manager, you can major in the field within a BBus or BCom degree. HR masters degrees are also available. HR programs teach you about recruitment, training, performance management and employee relations... READ MORE

Leadership and management programs are ideal for experienced professionals who are aiming for senior roles. These business majors focus on developing leadership and management skills and tend to be light on technical content.

Some of the most popular programs in the category are Master of Leadership, Master of Management, Master of Health Management, Masters in Educational Leadership, and Masters in Nursing Management.

Leadership and management masters are designed with working professionals in mind. Accelerated part-time courses are available online... READ MORE

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a specialisation in which students learn how to coordinate productive activities.

You'll build knowledge around purchases, procurement, inventory control, distribution and transport. Another side is selling, including marketing, customer relations, partnerships and global networks.

The business major encompasses many of the essential functions in commercial operations and management. Graduates are employable in numerous roles, from warehouse management to analysis of large supply chains... READ MORE

In a marketing or digital marketing course, you learn how to understand customers, reach your audience and convert interest into sales.

Digital marketing, including social media marketing, is prominent in many business programs. You can also do digital marketing courses, which have extra content on topics such as digital media platforms, analytics, and data-driven marketing strategy.

Popular marketing courses in Australia include diplomas, bachelor degrees, graduates certificates and masters. All courses are available 100% online... READ MORE


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the world's most popular and famous postgraduate course, not just for business.

Why the fuss? An MBA provides management training. That makes the degree valuable to professionals from all disciplines. No matter your background, you can benefit from learning how to manage people and businesses once you've gained experience in the workplace.

Online MBA courses are usually taken part-time by working professionals. Numerous specialisations are available with Australian universities... READ MORE

Microsoft Excel training can bring you up to speed with the versatile software package.

Excel can be used to do just about anything involving data and information. MS Excel is a handy business tool with many uses. People who are proficient in Excel find many ways to improve productivity.

The software allows you to easily perform calculations, manage data and create lists. Excel is commonly used in accounting and HR and for transferring business data. Low-cost training courses show you the power of the platform... READ MORE

There’s a whole science around the art of project management (if that’s not a contradiction). For experienced professionals, you can polish your skills in managing projects by studying for a diploma, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters degree.

Project management courses are often delivered by a business college or a university’s business school (but not always).

Students learn general principles and techniques. But you may also have the opportunity to manage applied projects in your particular field of work... READ MORE

Leah Carothers studied Marketing at university with aspirations of becoming a marketing executive. Her dream  was "to be in the board rooms, making decisions, all the while having a successful family." Today, she's the Strategic Project and Efficiency Manager at National Strategic Group.

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Accredited Business Programs in Australia

Diagram of the Australian Qualifications Framework for business courses

Every accredited business course in Australia is part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). From Certificate I training courses through to doctorates, you can find a program to meet your education and learning goals. Here are some examples.


† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.