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Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce: Australia’s Best Online Degrees

Bachelor of Business degree online

You can study for your first business degree by enrolling in an online Bachelor of Business (BBus) or Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) course.

  • Business and commerce refer to essentially the same thing, though commerce is sometimes linked to accounting. What’s important are the units and projects offered by the program.
  • Undergraduate business degrees teach a general set of skills but also allow for specialisation.

The best online business degrees are flexible. They offer subject choice and you can study 100% online – when it's convenient for you. Good online business program are smart with technology and generally provide an enjoyable learning experience.

About BBus and BCom Degrees

Bachelor degrees in business and commerce are available from Australia’s top online universities. Essentially all business subjects are offered by distance education.

A business education gives you a broad knowledge of everything from finance to marketing; accounting to management. The range allows you to step into any position with a foundation to build a career. It also allows you the time to explore different disciplines. ~ David Eccles

A business or commerce degree is a sound basis for a rewarding career. Learning business and commerce gives you marketable skills. Every organisation, even non-profit ones, have business characteristics. Students learn how to do things that carry value in any work environment.

Best Online Bachelor of Business Courses

Online business studies

The best online bachelor degrees in business offer an excellent learning experience. They provide

  • useful and engaging content
  • choice about study or project topics
  • reliable support services.

Flexible online programs allow students to complete a unit from start to finish within a matter of 6-8 weeks, before moving on to the next one. The modern style appeals to working professionals and others who want to study on their own terms. Australia's top program has been chosen based on features, course depth and student ratings (where available).

UNE Bachelor of Business

The University of New England always gets solid ratings from graduates for the quality of teaching and courses. This is true for business and commerce. Starting a general business program with UNE is a relatively safe bet. Students enrolling in UNE’s Bachelor of Business course have the following majors to choose from: agribusiness, business analytics, economics, finance, human resource management, international business, management, and marketing.