Statistical Ratings by Students

High graduate satisfaction

Deakin University shows a high level of recent graduate satisfaction, with 83.5% of graduates expressing overall satisfaction with their course. This satisfaction rate is significantly higher than the national average of 77.6% and is based on the opinions of 5,839 graduates.

Good experiences

Deakin's current students report a high level of satisfaction, with 78.5% stating they had a positive overall educational experience. This rate exceeds the national average of 74.4%. The data is based on a sample of 13,367 responses in the Student Experience Survey (SES).

Unpleasant interactions

Only 44.6% of students reported positive interactions with staff and students, below the national average of 51.8%. This statistic, derived from 13,372 responses, suggests areas for improvement in student engagement and sense of belonging within the university community.

OK outcomes

One year after graduation, Deakin University graduates have a median income of $49,300, which is slightly below the national median of $50,600. This figure includes earnings from full-time, part-time employment, and other sources of income, as reported by the ATO.

Online Courses at Deakin University

Whether you're looking to take your first steps towards a new career, or want to further your education while balancing work and family commitments, Deakin's online degrees provide the flexibility and support to succeed.

Online courses offer the same resources and teachers as on-campus versions, with the added benefit of flexibility. Deakin's degrees and postgraduate courses are designed for an engaging experience, with access to virtual classrooms, discussion forums, and collaborative project tools.

What Can I Study Online in Australia?

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