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Microsoft Excel Courses Online | Free or Cheap

Excel is the most popular data and spreadsheet software. Learn to use it with an online course.

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Learn how to use MS Excel proficiently. Mastering at least basic, and preferably advanced, spreadsheet skills can be incredibly beneficial for your productivity and career. Excel is used everywhere for its versatility and power.

Excel University - Online Excel Training

Excel University offers self-paced training that's geared towards finance and accounting activities. Designed by a CPA, the programs show how to leverage Excel to automate financial tasks and produce accurate, well-presented results. The courses feature lecture videos, homework activities, and instructor-moderated forums (where you can ask questions). The training combines self-paced study with an interactive, social online experience.

Excel Everest - Interactive Workbook

Excel Everest's online course transforms Excel training with an all-in-one interactive workbook. Learn through a dynamic, hands-on approach. The course covers 41 essential topics and includes over 160 auto-graded exercises. Features like a real-time scoreboard enhance tracking and motivate learners. It offers a comprehensive way to master Excel, from basic operations to advanced data analysis. The workbook comes with a satisfaction guarantee and 90-day refund policy.