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RMIT Online Master of Marketing

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RMIT Online’s Master of Marketing will allow you to transcend the buzzwords and gain core marketing skills that deliver real impact. Benefit from the opportunity to select courses that align with your career goals. Obtain skills that you can apply immediately and make an immediate difference. 6 intakes annually: January, March, May, July, August and October.

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Are Masters in Marketing Worth It?

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A Masters in Marketing can be worth it in Australia for those who want to advance their career, increase their earning potential, and gain specialised skills and knowledge in the field.

The degree from RMIT University offers several benefits, such as increased job competitiveness, stronger soft skills, diversified skills, and networking opportunities. Additionally, a masters qualification is evidence of strong skills and a commitment to professional development, which increases the chances of being shortlisted for job interviews.

The salary premium from having a master's degree can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to lifetime earnings. Examples of high-paying roles graduates become more qualified to perform are Head of Marketing, Director of Marketing, and Marketing Manager.

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