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UTS Online - Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

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UTS Online's Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing is for students with a background in marketing who want to upskill. Gain confidence in data-driven marketing and learn how technology shapes consumer behaviours and branding in a digital world.

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Is it Worth Getting a Digital Marketing Certificate?

Graduate certificate diploma

Yes, it can be worth getting a digital marketing certificate, such as the Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing from UTS Online.

A graduate certificate can be a valuable asset when looking for a job, as it demonstrates interest and expertise in a particular field. It can set a candidate apart from others who may only have a bachelor's degree or limited experience in the field. This is particularly true for positions that require specific knowledge or qualifications. A graduate certificate can make up for not having a relevant degree, increasing your chances of getting an interview and potentially landing the job.

The UTS Online course can provide you with foundational skills and knowledge to be a strategic leader in digital marketing, upskill you for career success, and offer a pathway to the UTS Master of Digital Marketing. It's a fast and efficient way to gain a respected university qualification.