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Digital Marketing Salary in Australia

As a digital marketer in Australia, you can expect to earn an above-average salary.

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$83,192 annually.

The average salary for a digital marketing professional is $83,192 per year in Australia. The pay estimate is based on a sample size of 2,215 reported salaries. Updated: 2 May 2023.

How Much Can I Make as a Digital Marketer?

If you're searching for jobs in digital marketing or contemplating a new career in this field, you may be curious about the potential earnings. You are likely to across job opportunities in Australia with salaries surpassing the national average of $71,687.

The average base salary for a digital marketer in Australia is $83,192. Entry-level positions start at around $68k while more experienced marketers receive salaries up to around $98k. These salary range statistics exclude senior managerial roles.

Table 1. Average digital marketer salary for Australia

Source Average salary Observations
au.indeed.com $82,437 866
au.talent.com $86,033 718
Payscale $82,906 403
Glassdoor $77,615 228
OVERALL $83,192 2,215

Updated: 2 May 2023

The salary statistics may understate the potential earnings in this field. As digital marketers are promoted to higher-paying positions, their job responsibilities tend to move towards leadership and management and are less associated with digital marketing specifically.

Is Digital Marketing High Paying?

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While digital marketing pays well, it may be a stretch to say that it is high paying. Social media specialists, for example, earn around $82,463 on average. This is about $11k higher than average annual earnings in Australia.

Pay rates exceed those for accountants for example, who make around $75k on average. However, primary school teachers, with an income of $91k per year, make more.

The field offers a mixture of medium and high paying jobs. Employers often hire employees for specific jobs, such email marketing or online advertising, for which a university degree may not be required. But opportunities for advancement into complex management roles also exist.

Table 2. Average salaries of marketing jobs

Job Salary Observations
Head of Marketing $150,780 82
Director of Marketing $142,362 34
Marketing Manager $104,583 798
Brand Manager $92,870 184
Digital Marketer $83,192 2,215
Social Media Specialist $82,386 443
Marketing Executive $80,533 265
Marketing Specialist $77,053 707
Content Writer $71,870 205
Marketing Coordinator $71,710 645

Source: 5 Reasons to Get a Master’s in Marketing. "Observations" is the number of salaries reported. Updated: 25 April 2023.

Becoming a marketing manager, which is a fairly common job title, comes with average earnings of $105k in Australia. Being the leading marketer in your organisation, such as Head of Marketing, is associated with base salaries above $150k. Online advertising and promotions are often the focus of attention in these roles also.

University Courses to Boost Your Pay

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If you want to improve your job opportunities as an online marketer, a university qualification can be a good option. You will learn a mixture of theory and applied skills, providing a foundation to launch a successful career.

A Bachelor of Marketing provides foundational knowledge in principles and techniques. With this degree, you will be highly competitive for entry-level marketing positions such as marketing assistant or digital marketing coordinator. The degree typically takes 3 years to complete.

A Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing is a postgraduate program that offers specialised training. Online courses can be completed in 8 months part-time. You may study topics such as branding in the digital world, data-driven marketing, digital platforms, and online customer behaviour.

A Master of Digital Marketing prepares students for senior roles, such as digital marketing manager, marketing director, or head of marketing. With a master's degree or an MBA in Digital Marketing, you can expect to earn a higher salary over the long term and move into less technical roles.

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