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MBA in Technology Management Online

Unlock the potential of new technologies with an MBA in Technology Management. Students learn the skills to lead projects involving innovation, cybersecurity, data analytics, and more.

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Embrace the fusion of business and technology with an online MBA focusing on tech management. The Master of Business Administration programs are open to managers with diverse backgrounds, regardless of technical expertise.

The online programs integrate general management training with the strategic exploration of technology and innovation. Graduates are well-prepared to advance into tech leadership roles, carrying a unique blend of manager skills and specialist knowledge.


An MBA in Technology Management focuses on deploying technology strategically. The program covers topics like information systems and security, business analytics, and how to leverage tech for business growth.

Students develop skills in developing and implementing technology-based solutions, leading tech teams, and addressing business challenges. Programs may include coursework in business management, finance, and marketing, along with specialised tracks in areas like cybersecurity, data science, and digital transformation.

Graduates can pursue careers as general managers, IT managers, technology consultants, and business analysts in the many industries where innovation plays a crucial role.

Benefits of This Kind of Degree

A tech MBA creates job opportunities in both general and digital management roles. Examples of general management positions where tech skills are valuable include General Manager, Director of Operations and Chief Executive Officer. Technology-focused job prospects for graduates include:

  • Business Technology Consultant
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Data and Cyber Security Lead
  • Head of Digital Transformation
  • Information Systems Security Manager
  • Marketing Technology Manager
  • Software Project Manager
  • Strategy and Operations Lead
  • Technology Product Manager

Fundamentally, you will gain an important set of skills. The combination of business strategy and tech knowledge can help organisations to leverage technology, drive innovation, enhance productivity, gain a competitive edge, and adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Salary prospects are excellent. For graduates with some experience, an indicative annual salary is $98k. Recent data reveals that business development managers earn an average of $98,375 annually, product managers make $126,603, and directors of strategy bring in $136,002. These executive roles often prefer candidates with an MBA and high-level technical knowledge.

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1. Business Analytics

Something that technologies have delivered to us in bundles is data. We have digitised information in valuable areas for business, including on customers, online behaviour, markets, and marketing performance.

An MBA in business analytics is for managers, including from a non-analytics background, who want the ability to harness data, interpret business intelligence and, ultimately, support data-driven decisions.

Specialising in the management of data analytics as part of your studies creates high-level advancement opportunities... READ MORE

2. Cyber Security

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Robust cybersecurity and the protection of sensitive data are critical job requirements in many business manager roles. An MBA in Cyber Security Management allows you to build knowledge and skills in the field while also developing all-round business acumen.

UTS Online - MBA (Technology Management)

The MBA from UTS Online is perhaps the most versatile in Australia and includes a strong cybersecurity option. The 12-subject program is made up of 8 core subjects and 4 elective units. For the Technology Management specialisation, the seven available electives include Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises, Cybersecurity Analytics and Insights, and Cybersecurity Management. While the program is suitable for all types of MBA candidates, you should have a technical background to do the cybersecurity subjects. This is a contemporary leadership degree informed by UTS industry partnerships.

3. Digital Marketing

Develop marketing skills and the ability to lead strategic promotion campaigns with an MBA in Digital Marketing. The program focuses on using data and digital platforms to maximise business profits.

Topics include emerging digital platforms, big data, and online consumer behaviour. Graduates may advance their careers in marketing or general management.

Job opportunities include executive marketing positions such as digital media director, as well as administration roles like business development manager and general manager... READ MORE

4. Information Management

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Managing digital information across an organisation is a challenge that most business managers now face. You can build skills to manage risk and coordinate information efficiently with an MBA in Information Management.

SCU Online - MBA (Information and Knowledge Management)

Southern Cross University offers an Information and Knowledge Management specialisation as part of it's flexible and affordable online MBA program. Subjects include Managing Information Systems, Strategic Knowledge Management, and Managing Digital Enterprise. Students learn how to confidently manage information across an organisation, leveraging digital network capabilities. The program is 100% online and can be completed in 2 years of part-time study, depending on your level of advanced standing. Subjects are completed individually within 7-week study periods.

5. Technology & Innovation

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An MBA in Technology and Innovation approaches tech management from a digital disruption perspective. Students not only build managerial skills but learn to grapple with technology as an innovation leader. You build skills to innovate within your organisation and beyond, including critical thinking skills in the tech space.

RMIT - MBA (Technology and Innovation, Design Thinking)

The Online MBA from RMIT University is packed full of technology management themes. You can choose subjects to match your interests. As well, minor or double-minor specialisations are available in Technology and Innovation, and Design Thinking. The programme reflects RMIT's core strengths in the fields of technology, innovation and design. Topics include leading in the age of digital disruption, technology futures, business data analytics, and managing technology and innovation. RMIT courses are designed by academics in collaboration with leading industry players. The program is 100% online and open to degree holders and experienced professionals.

UTS Online - MBA (Technology Management)

UTS Online's flexible MBA has a Technology Management specialisation that's about integrating technology into the growth plans of your organisation. In this study stream, students explore how to make enterprises agile, lead organisational change, strategically align business and technology goals, and design product development processes with innovation in mind. This is an excellent program for forward-looking managers who others will turn to for technological guidance. The 12-subject program can be completed over 24 months of part-time study.

Masters in Technology Management

If you want to take a deeper dive into tech leadership, you can study for a Master of Technology Management, or Executive Master of Technology Management.

These online courses are designed for professionals with technical ability who are aiming for managerial and leadership roles. Many electives are available, such as artificial intelligence, data ethics, machine learning, data analysis and visualisation, and digital strategy.

An executive masters program is relatively short, consisting of 8 subjects instead of the usual 12. You can earn a master's degree in just 16 months part-time... READ MORE

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

A Master of Business Administration program is fundamentally a business management program. You'll study management and leadership as well as core business disciplines such as accounting, finance and marketing from a manager's perspective.

For a technology management specialisation, you may be required to choose certain electives. Some of the program's core subjects may also be highly relevant. Expect anywhere from one-third to one-half of the curriculum to have a technology focus.

MBA online programs in Australia are generally designed for part-time study by full-time working professionals. In your spare time, you can finish a 12-subject degree in two years.

Learning Outcomes

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Graduates have an enhanced ability to manage and lead. You'll achieve greater fluency in speaking and writing about management issues. You'll also be better prepared to set strategic directions and communicate expectations and goals to others.

Specialising in technology will engage your mind in learning how to manage information, innovation and business adaptation. These programs explore topics such as data handling, cyber security, and planning for technology uptake. Graduates therefore gain knowledge and strategies to exploit the opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for a Tech MBA are generally the same as for any general program. But they do vary by business school. Australian business schools typically require a bachelor degree and/or significant professional experience.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.