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JCU Online - Master of Nursing

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Broaden your career outlook with one of the best nursing schools in Australia and earn a recognised, high-quality qualification from a top ten nursing educator. The innovative Master of Nursing at JCU Online allows students to focus on career advancement in one of three in-demand areas: Leadership and Management, Advanced Practice, and Education.

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How Many Years Is a Masters in Nursing?

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In Australia, a Master's degree in Nursing usually involves 12 subjects and takes 1.5 years of full-time study. This is based on a standard academic calendar with two semesters per year.

Course length can vary due to program specifics or advanced standing. Some programs may extend to 16 subjects over 2 years, while students with prior qualifications might complete an 8-subject course in one year. For online courses, part-time study often doubles the duration unless an accelerated option is chosen.

James Cook University's online Master of Nursing is a 24-month, part-time course with 12 subjects. Each subject is conducted over a 7-week period, allowing for six intakes per year. This accelerated (continuous) structure accommodates working professionals looking for flexibility.

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