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Project Management Degree Online in Australia

To become a project manager, you may benefit from a project management bachelor degree or masters. Here are the best online project management degrees in Australia.
Project management degree

You can study project management externally with Australian universities. 100% online postgraduate (masters) programs allow you to complete courses from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Project management is a specialist subject for experienced professionals.
  • Most students combine online study with full-time or part-time work.

Studying project management is a sound way to extend your management capabilities and communication skills. You'll learn principles and practices that are relevant to any complex project.

You can study online for a Master of Project Management (MPM) degree. Shorter professional programs – Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses – are also offered via distance learning.

Bachelor of Project Management

Project management bachelor degree

You can major in Project Management as part of an online Bachelor of Business degree. If you're looking for a Bachelor of Project Management specifically, the best information we have is that fully online courses of this type are currently unavailable in Australia.

About project manager bachelor degrees

Few professional project managers actually hold a bachelor degree in the discipline. More commonly, a project manager will hold an undergraduate degree in their domain of expertise. Some examples are finance, engineering and computer science. If a project manager has a degree in project management, most likely it's a master's degree.

Deakin Bachelor of Business (Project Management)

Deakin University offers a Project Management major as part of the business school's Bachelor of Business program. Courses are available in the cloud (online) format. The goal of the Project Management major is to build business and project management skills, create professional development opportunities in project management practice, and improve your prospects for further advancement in your chosen industry or sector. You'll gain a broad business education, complemented with specialist project manager studies.

Best Online Degrees in Australia

Project management discussion

The best online degrees in project management allow you to learn effectively with minimal life disruption.

Generally speaking, the best programs are purpose-built for online study. You can complete units in sequence, focusing on just 1 or 2 at a time. They offer flexible timing, including the option to study year-round. Learning materials and tools are created (or professionally adapted) for distance learning.

You may also prefer a shorter study option than a 12-unit masters. Graduate certificates (4 units) and diplomas (8 units) are good preparation for gaining professional accreditation.

RMIT Graduate Diploma in Project Management

RMIT has an online project management program for busy professionals. By studying online, you can earn a Graduate Certificate (4 units) or Graduate Diploma (8 units). Each unit requires 7 weeks of part-time study. Even while working, you can complete a GradCert in 8 months and a GradDip in 16 months. The courses cover project management techniques, designing for quality, and managing teams. Graduates earn credit towards a masters degree. Generalist and IT Specialisation pathways are available.

SCU Master of Project Management

SCU Online offers a 100% online masters degree in project management. You can study part-time and still gain a masters in <2 years (or earlier with advanced standing). Students choose electives in areas such as accounting, engineering, health services, information technology and leadership. The modern course is PMBOK® Guide industry aligned, priced competitively, and ideal for full-time workers. Graduate certificates and diplomas are available.

Good project managers take care of scheduling, production and communication. Great project managers are deeply involved in building team skills and in tactical execution of strategic vision.

~ Amanda Kelly

My MPM was a deep dive into project management. It was not industry-specific (e.g. construction or IT) but took a broad view. The MPM gives a deeper understanding of the issues faced in projects and helps me formulate approaches and apply different techniques.

~ Dave Violette