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RMIT Online - Graduate Certificate in Project Management

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The goal of RMIT University's Graduate Certificate in Project Management is to extend your understanding of the best principles and practices of project management, before developing your ability to apply these in commercial, industrial and professional contexts. A generalist course is available as well as a program tailored for IT project managers.

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Can You Do Courses With RMIT Online?

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Yes, RMIT Online offers a robust selection of distance learning courses, providing both breadth and depth across many disciplines. These include Business, Data Science, Marketing, and more specialised areas like Cyber Security and Blockchain.

RMIT Online offers two specific postgraduate courses focused on Project Management.

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management is an 8-month program designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills in project management. It can serve as a stepping stone for further studies or help professionals enhance their capabilities in managing projects.

The Graduate Diploma in Project Management is a more in-depth 16-month program that goes beyond the foundational principles and delves into advanced concepts of project management. It develops a broader range of skills required for higher roles.

Any subjects you complete for the 4-subject graduate course can be used as credit for the 8-subject graduate diploma.

Studying online at RMIT involves joining a mentor group led by an industry expert. Your learning will involve weekly webinars or daily Slack discussions, depending on the course length. You'll also get the opportunity to collaborate with your peers. To ensure progress, your mentor provides detailed feedback on your assignments.