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Graduate Certificate in Management Online

Discover the benefits of a Graduate Certificate in Management, including the different courses, costs, career value, and the overall standing of this qualification in Australia.

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A Graduate Certificate in Management is a postgraduate qualification that provides foundational knowledge and skills to take on coordination and leadership roles.

The certificate is open to professionals from different educational backgrounds, providing a widely recognised qualification in the field of management. Students learn business administration and team organisation skills that are useful for directing teams, business operations, or projects.

Different program types are available, including specialisations in Business Administration, Health Management, Human Resources, and Project Management. What unites all the variants is that they aim to prepare students for managerial roles.

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Pathway to further study

The course also serves as a stepping stone to further postgraduate study. Generally, students need to complete four subjects in total, and these credits can be used towards a graduate diploma or master's degree. The entry requirements are usually relaxed, with applicants able to gain admission based on having a bachelor's degree or significant work experience.

Equal to a degree or better

If you are wondering how a graduate certificate rates in Australia, it is equivalent to an honours degree and graduate diploma. It sits at Level 8 in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). That places it above a 3-year bachelor degree, which is at Level 7, and just below a master's degree (Level 9). Although much shorter than a degree, a grad cert is highly regarded in terms of academic level.


You may find a course that more specifically meets your learning goals. While business administration is a general program for all managers, there are specialised programs available for professionals in fields such as healthcare, HR and project management.

A Graduate Certificate in Business Administration typically covers a third of an MBA program, giving you the opportunity make progress on an MBA degree while you acquire administration skills.

The course is open to people from different backgrounds, making it ideal for anyone interested in being a manager. You don't need to have studied business before.

The curriculum may be specialised or provide a general introduction to business studies, covering fields such as accounting and finance, economics, marketing, and organisational leadership... READ MORE

Health management courses are designed for healthcare professionals seeking manager roles, such as nurses, allied health professionals, and health administrators.

Programs offer leadership qualifications that create job opportunities in health organisations. Topics may include the Australian healthcare system, managing costs and risks in health services, organisational leadership, and using digital health data.

Entry requirements typically require a bachelor degree in any discipline, or professional experience in healthcare or human services... READ MORE

A postgraduate certificate in Human Resource Management provides foundational knowledge and skills for a career in HR. Typically consisting of 3-4 subjects from a master's program, the relatively short course can be completed in 6-8 months of part-time study.

Programs are open to degree holders (any discipline) and experienced professionals. Students explore topics such as human resources planning, recruitment and selection, performance assessment, and employment relations.

Graduates have the option to continue studying for an HR master's degree... READ MORE

A Graduate Certificate in Project Management provides foundational knowledge and skills for a career in this discipline. Students learn essential skills, such as planning, budgeting, and risk assessment.

The course is ideal for professionals with significant work experience who want to gain university qualifications. The standard entry requirements are a bachelor's degree (in any discipline) or several years of relevant experience.

Upon completion of the course, graduates have the option to continue with the longer program for a Graduate Diploma or Master's degree... READ MORE

Is a Graduate Certificate Worth Doing?

Yes, a Graduate Certificate in Management can be a smart choice for those interested in a career as a manager. The qualification demonstrates to employers that you have a level of expertise and interest in the discipline.

The education investment allows you to earn a well-respected credential at a lower cost and in a shorter timeframe than other postgraduate qualifications. Additionally, students benefit from a wide range of subject choices. The certificate also serves as a stepping stone to further postgraduate study.

Being fluent in the language of managers can also provide career advantages and open up opportunities for advancement. Learning the discipline enables you to speak to everyone, whether they are a recruiter, boss or employee, with more knowledge, confidence, and precision.

The return on investment (ROI) is further boosted by the ability to study online. In just 8 months of part-time study, with no time away from work, you can complete a course and add a valuable university qualification to your resume.

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Costs of the Course

The following table provides an overview of tuition fees for eight graduate certificates offered by Australian universities in 2023.

Tuition fees at Australian universities in 2023

University Graduate Certificate Course Tuition fee
(per subject)
SCU Online Project Management $2,990
UTS Online Health Services Management $3,288
James Cook University Business Administration Global $3,700
RMIT University Project Management $3,840
UTS Online Business Administration $4,250
RMIT University Business Administration $4,560
University of Adelaide Business Administration $4,746
Griffith University Business Administration $5,125

Source: University websites. Updated: 11 April 2023

As the table indicates, tuition fees per subject range from $2,990 to $5,125, with an average fee of approximately $3,950. Completing four subjects in a course costs around $16,000, which is less than one-third the average cost of an MBA degree. Australian students are eligible for FEE-HELP loans.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.