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Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management Online

Discover the benefits of a Graduate Certificate in HRM online. The short, flexible course is ideal for working professionals and opens doors to an HR career in Australia.

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The Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management is a university certificate for HR managers in Australia. The postgraduate course is open to degree holders and experienced professionals who are interested in gaining HR qualifications.

A program consists of 3-4 subjects and can be completed in just 6-8 months of part-time study online. The GradCert(HRM) is also well known and respected by Australian employers, making it an excellent choice for those looking to advance their career in the human resources field.

Breaking into and making advancements in this field are worth the education costs. HRM consistently rates as one of the highest paying business disciplines in Australia. HR specialists have a clear promotion pathway, from administrative assistant through to Director of Human Resources.

Best Certificate Course for HR

To become an HR manager in Australia, the GradCert(HRM) is the best course to take. This postgraduate qualification is widely recognised by Australian employers and universities, serving as proof of one's HRM skills and expertise.

The certificate's high standing is evident in its AQF Level 8 ranking, which is higher than a bachelor degree and equivalent to a graduate diploma. Completing the program demonstrates that you have acquired specialised knowledge and skills and are ready to work as an HR manager.

Obtaining the GradCert(HRM) certification is also relatively easy. The program consists of only 3-4 subjects, which can be completed in just 6-8 months of part-time online study. Australian students can apply for FEE-HELP loans to cover course costs. A bachelor degree (any discipline) or comparable professional experience is normally required to gain entry.

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Comparison with non-university certificates

Exam-based certifications outside the AQF, such as HCRI, SHRM, and CIPD, are unfamiliar to most employers. These may do little to help you secure highly-paid jobs as they could easily be viewed as less credible qualifications.

While a TAFE certificate may be beneficial for some entry-level HR positions, it may not be sufficient to make you competitive for top jobs in the industry. Vocational education and training (VET) certificates, such as a Certificate IV in Human Resources, are rated at AQF Level 4 and below.

Learn Online with Australian Universities

You can learn HRM online with Graduate Certificate courses from Australian universities. These part-time programs are designed for busy working professionals. Students normally complete one subject every two months, studying outside work hours.

RMIT Online - GradCert(HRM)

RMIT Online offers an excellent foundation for professionals looking to commence or advance a career in HR. The part-time, 8-month course consists of four subjects that cover key concepts in human resource management, professional HR practices, people and organisations, and employment law. Led by industry experts, students are exposed to the latest trends and thinking in HRM. Upon completion, graduates can decide to continue their education in the online master's program.

Edith Cowan University - GradCert(HRM)

Edith Cowan University offers a short, 3-subject introduction to the HRM discipline. The flexible, 100% online Graduate Certificate of Human Resource Management can be completed in 6 months of part-time study. Students learn the basics of the profession, with units on managing people and organisations, HRM fundamentals, and employee-employer relations. The course has been developed with strong industry engagement and serves as an entry pathway into a masters program.

Edith Cowan University - GradCert(People&Culture)

The Graduate Certificate of People and Culture from ECU is designed for HRM professionals who want to make workplaces positive spaces. The course is open to graduates who have majored in fields such as HR, business administration, management, industrial relations or employment relations. There are no foundation units, with students getting straight into the interesting subjects of Healthy Work and Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion, and People Analytics. Graduates are empowered to make meaningful change in the workplace, with the option to enroll in another 6 units to earn a master's degree.

Which Degree or Qualification Is Best for HR?

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To become a Human Resources (HR) manager or professional in Australia, it is recommended to have university qualifications in human resource management or a related discipline.

University qualifications are essential for HR managers because of the nature of their work, which includes recruiting and managing the training and performance of skilled professionals. Job opportunities could be limited for those without relevant tertiary qualifications.

A Bachelor of Business, preferably with an HR major, is the most desirable bachelor’s degree. A Psychology degree is another option that works for some people.

At the postgraduate level, HR managers often hold a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, or a Master's degree in Human Resource Management. Holding a grad cert gives you advanced standing if you study for other qualifications, with fewer subjects needing to be completed.

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Demand for HR Graduates in Australia

There is high demand for people with HR qualifications in Australia. Areas where demand for HR skills is outstripping supply include talent acquisition, senior generalist, learning and development, HR business partner, remuneration and benefits, and employee engagement (Randstand).

Demand is expected to keep growing for the foreseeable future as organisations face new workplace changes and challenges. HR professionals with a good understanding of business goals, and can lead the way in upskilling managers and employees in the digital space, will be sought after.

Pay rates for HR professionals

Occupation Salary Sample size
Director of Human Resources $127,561 93
HR Business Partner $121,169 751
Payroll Manager $120,941 122
Human Resources Manager $119,626 586
Recruitment Manager $119,591 159
Employee Relations Manager $106,819 106
Director of People & Culture $98,820 939
Human Resources Advisor $91,620 545
Human Resources Specialist $91,526 219
Recruiter $88,601 1,100
Payroll Officer $80,525 934
Recruiting Coordinator $76,589 196
HR Coordinator $75,823 315
HR Administrator $69,415 167

Source: au.indeed.com individual occupation profiles. Updated: 13 April 2023

The table shows the average salary and number of reported salaries for various HR occupations in Australia. The top-paying roles are director-level positions, with HR Business Partners also earning high salaries.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.