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Diploma of Leadership and Management Courses

Let's look at the best online courses in Australia for a Diploma of Leadership and Management.
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A Diploma of Leadership and Management course gives you knowledge and skills to be a better manager and supervisor. You can study online for an accredited diploma from an Australian TAFE, college or university.

Benefits from a Diploma of Leadership and Management

A Diploma of Leadership and Management can help advance your career beyond skill development and on-the-job productivity.

To be considered for a management position, you need significant professional experience. But a business management qualification is also important. It gives you a clear advantage – or neutralises any disadvantage – compared to the competition.

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Getting a diploma shows employers that you're thinking about how to be a manager and know management techniques. You've learned how to approach organisational and leadership tasks in a structured way.

The knowledge gained is also handy for interviews. You become fluent in talking about leadership.

Where articulation arrangements are in place, a diploma may also be used as credit towards a university degree. Just doing the diploma course can help you decide if you want to do further study.

Best Leadership and Management Online Courses

Studying online for a Diploma of Leadership and Management

Good leadership and management courses are engaging. They make smart use of technology and connect theory to what managers do on a daily basis. We've chosen the best online courses based on features, flexibility and cost.

Edmund Barton College - Diploma of Leadership and Management

The Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918) from Edmund Barton College is a self-paced course that really delivers. You can test the program by doing a unit free of charge. The diploma is affordable anyway when you continue on. There are no entry requirements and you can start any time. Graduates earn a nationally recognised qualification. Topics include planning, emotional intelligence, relationship building, performance management, budgeting and workplace safety.

ACCM - Diploma of Leadership and Management

The Australian College of Commerce and Management has online courses in Leadership and Management at the Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. Students gain access to an exceptional range of elective subjects. By studying with ACCM, you get strong student support services to help you succeed. These include a dedicated student adviser, the ability to study anytime, and choice about how you receive course content. Tuition fees are also competitive.