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What Can You Do With a Business Management Degree?

Gain access to high-paying jobs with a university degree in business management. You will learn skills in analysis, strategy, and organisation that are valuable in any industry.

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Are you considering a degree in business management but wondering if it's worth it? You should know that a university degree in this field is versatile and can be a great foundation for career success in many different directions.

Students develop skills such as communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and research that are universally valued. The kinds of jobs you can become qualified for include business analyst, finance manager, marketing manager, human resources manager, and project manager.

Definition of the Degree

Let's first define what this type of course actually is.

A business management degree, whether it is at bachelor's or master's level, prepares students to become business managers. You develop a set of skills that is beneficial for managing a team, a business operation, or even a large organisation. Some examples are:

  • Bachelor of Business (or Commerce) with a major in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources Management, or Management.
  • Master of Business Administration (with any major since an MBA is a business management degree).
  • Specialised masters, such as in Human Resources, Logistics and Supply Chains, or Project Management.

These kinds of programs are well-rounded, containing a mixture of technical subjects and people management topics. To manage a business, you need to know some accounting, finance, and marketing. But you should also be well versed in management theory and leadership principles.

Kinds of Jobs Available

Careers in business management offer great job opportunities. From data analytics to marketing to supply chain management, here are some exciting job prospects with high earning potential and projected growth in Australia.

Is a Bachelor of Business Management Good?

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"Yes," is the simple answer. A graduate is well-prepared to find a job and start a successful career with a degree in this field. However, we need to explain further.

Is a Business Degree Worth It?

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Business management, and business in general, is a promising field to get into. The advantages of a business major include high salary prospects and employability, advancement options, and useful life skills.

Remember that activities such as accounting, managing finances, running marketing campaigns, and managing people are all core work functions. Any organisation of a reasonable size needs people to do these things. Graduating with a business degree gives you practical skills and makes you employable anywhere.

If you are considering a bachelor's degree, there is little risk in enrolling in an undergraduate business program. These programs are flexible, typically allowing you to choose or switch majors in the second or even third years.

When contemplating postgraduate education, it is worthwhile to focus on a specific qualification to properly weigh up the pros and cons. For example, an MBA is worth it when you are at a good point in your career to receive a salary boost. This could be early in your managerial career when you start supervising, or later when you feel you need rejuvenation or a competitive edge.

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