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What Is a Logistics Manager? Job Description

The people who orchestrate smooth flows of products and services in supply chains.

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Logistics managers are the supply chain professionals who link up the different parts of the economy. When products need to be moved from point A to point B, whether that's between businesses, within a business, or to a customer, a logistics manager coordinates the activity. They also handle services, attending to details of timing, cost, and quality.

To become a logistics manager, you need to learn about supply chains, transport, inventory control, and operational planning. A bachelor's degree, preferably with an analytics focus, is almost essential for success. Postgraduate courses are also available to develop specialised skills and knowledge.

Demand for logisticians and supply chain managers will always be strong because this is a core business activity. Different kinds of jobs are offered, from focusing on transport methods and schedules, to ensuring inventory levels in a business are always on point, to running a large warehouse.

Job Descriptions

Logistics managers go by different names according to whether their job is focused on management, coordination, supply chains, warehouses, transport, or general operations. The job descriptions below are representative examples of the kinds of roles a logistician may perform. They also serve as templates for recruiters and employers advertising for talent in this field.