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Master of Business Law (Online)

Learn to integrate legal considerations into business decisions.

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If you need to make business decisions related to the law but are not a lawyer, a Master of Business Law is a great option. The degree is available to graduates of any discipline and improves your ability to account for legal considerations.

Laws govern how businesses should be formed and run. Understanding them can help leaders make better decisions and know when to seek legal expertise. Topics may include competition law, consumer law, corporate governance, intellectual property, litigation, and taxation.

You can earn a master's degree online without attending on-campus classes or taking lengthy exams. The program benefits anyone who needs to make calls in a complex environment. Those with a law degree already may consider a Master of Laws with a Business Law major.

Online Courses

Gain a valuable master's degree (or graduate certificate) while maintaining a full-time career. Distance learning courses are designed for professionals with limited free time. You study when it's convenient, without the hassle of commuting to classes. A master's program consists of just 8 units, compared to 12-16 for an MBA.

SCU Online - Master of Business Law

The Master of Business Law from Southern Cross University is a 16-month part-time program, fully online. It’s for professionals wanting to boost their legal knowledge in business. The course includes eight units: two core and six electives. Core units cover Legal Institutions and Processes, and Advanced Legal Research. Elective topics include Property Law, Competition Law, Consumer Law, Taxation, Contract Law, and Corporate Governance. Flexible learning and no exams make it easy to balance with work.