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Master of Finance Online in Australia

Accelerate your career with an online Master of Finance from Australia. Specialisations include analytics, applied finance, FinTech, and business management.

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A Master of Finance can be used to extend financial skills or start a new career. Different kinds of programs are available depending on your background and career goals. Let's explore your options for getting the most out of this degree.

What is a Master of Finance? It is a postgraduate program that provides students with detailed knowledge and skills for the financial services industry. Normally lasting 1.5 to 2 years, it covers financial markets, valuations, investments, and corporate management. Graduates pursue careers in which they deliver financial expertise to companies and clients.

What You Do in a Master of Finance

In a Master of Finance program, students do advanced financial training to prepare for diverse roles in financial services. The learning goes beyond what is covered in a Bachelor of Finance or equivalent undergraduate degree.

Many students have a finance background, such as an business bachelor degree. If you haven't studied Finance at university before, you'll normally have to either (a) first complete a Graduate Certificate in Finance or (b) do a two-year program that contains introductory subjects.

Students learn to make sound financial decisions by applying theory to different scenarios. Subjects explored in the program include asset classes, equity analysis and valuation, fixed-income investments, financial statement analysis, derivatives, and how to manage risk.

Graduates know financial management principles and market workings. They have skills to model, evaluate, and communicate financial information. They know how to value companies and do financial research. With these abilities, graduates are employable in many business fields.

Why This Degree Is Worthwhile

By preparing you for high-paying jobs in the financial sector, a Masters in Finance is worth the investment. Graduates gain skills that are useful in many different roles, along with an impressive qualification that is well-recognised by employers.

Topics students explore in a MFin program include financial analysis, investments, risk management, financial modelling, and corporate finance. These subjects provide students with a strong understanding of the discipline, including the tools to make sound financial decisions.

After graduating, you are positioned for lucrative jobs such as financial analyst, investment banker, portfolio manager, or risk manager. These jobs typically offer six-figure salaries, making the program a wise investment in your career.

By doing an accelerated online course, you further boost the ROI from this degree. You can study part-time while working full time and earn the masters degree in two years, allowing you to quickly advance your career without sacrificing your current job.

Master of Finance Online

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Online masters in finance are designed for busy people to learn on their terms. Accelerated courses allow for year-round part-time study. By doing just one subject at a time, students can easily balance education with full-time work.

The normal study pattern for online learners is to complete one subject every two months. For a 12-subject program, that means you can complete a master's degree in just two years of part-time study. You can also work full-time throughout.

UNSW Online - Master of Applied Finance

The Master of Applied Finance (Online) at UNSW is a 100% online program designed to provide students with financial knowledge and real-world applications. The program offers 12 courses in total, with the option to study a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance before progressing to the full program. Entry requirements include a recognised Bachelor's degree with a credit average (65% or higher), and the program can be completed in as little as 2 years. The program is aligned with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) curriculum, enabling graduates to pursue the CFA designation.

The finance industry is practical and hard-nosed, making an online Master of Applied Finance a popular program for professionals across Australia.

With an applied finance course, you can be confident that instruction on theory will be limited. As well, students have abundant opportunities to hone skills with hands-on tasks. These allow you to put newly acquired knowledge and tools into effect, contributing to financial "muscle memory".

The best masters programs are also well connected to industry. That way, courses are structured to sharply focus on in-demand skills... READ MORE

If you know finance and are looking to re-invigorate your career, consider a Master of Financial Technology degree.

A master's degree in this area skips over much of the traditional ground for a finance program, instead focusing on innovation. Students explore the FinTech ecosystem, changes happening in payments and lending, robo-advisory technology, disruption opportunities, and so forth.

A FinTech degree may be ideal if you're interested in learning about technology. The combination of financial experience and technology awareness is in high-demand in this growing sector... READ MORE

Why Australia May Be the Best Country for a MFin

If you are wondering if Australia is a good country for getting a Master's degree in Finance and pursuing a career in this field, you need look no further than the Australian stock market. Finance is a huge industry here.

Of Australia's seven largest companies by capitalisation, five are banks or financial services companies. The four major banks are CBA, NAB, Westpac, and ANZ. Also among the biggest companies is Macquarie Group, a global financial services provider.

Given the significance of the financial sector in Australia's economy, it is not surprising that Finance is a popular choice among postgraduate students. Jobs are widely available in investment banking, wealth management, corporate finance, risk handling, and financial analysis.

The size of the financial sector, including a dynamic property market and surging presence in FinTech, also contributes to expertise at Australian universities. Lecturers are knowledgeable about their fields since the country is a world leader in many areas of finance.

Example Subjects

Here are example subjects from different programs, detailing some of the common topics.

How Much Does It Cost in Australia?

The average cost for an Australian student attempting a 12-subject finance master's program in 2023 is estimated to be AUD $50,285. This statistic is based on indicative tuition fees at five Australian universities.

Indicative tuition fees for 5 Master's in Finance degrees

University Fee per subject (Aust) Program fee (12 subjects)
Griffith University $3,688 $44,250
Deakin University $3,750 $45,000
Swinburne $4,025 $48,300
UNSW Online $4,720 $56,635
University of Melbourne $4,770 $57,242

Sources: University websites. The costs are for Australian students commencing in 2023. Programs may be longer or shorter than 12 subjects depending on prior learning and the policy on advanced standing at the university. Costs may be higher for international students.

The table shows that the cost per subject ranges from $3,688 at Griffith University to $4,770 at the University of Melbourne, with program fees ranging from $44,250 to $57,242

How Long Is the Degree?

In Australia, the standard length of a Master of Finance degree is 12 subjects. A full-time load is typically considered to be 8 subjects per year, which means the degree can be completed in 1.5 years.

However, students without a finance background may need to study up to 16 subjects at some universities, which can extend the program duration to 2 years.

Applicants with qualifications such as a Graduate Certificate or Honours degree in Finance may be eligible for credit for prior learning. This can reduce the number of required subjects to 8, meaning the degree could be completed in as little as 1 year.

Accelerated online courses allow part-time students to do 1 subject every 2 months. Hence, the degree can be earned in just 2 years of part-time study online.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.