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Master of Applied Finance Online in Australia

A Master of Applied Finance builds practical skills with immediate benefits to job performance. Qualify for jobs in banking, stockbroking, investment management, and more.

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A Master of Applied Finance degree is useful for both newcomers to the finance industry and experienced professionals who want to upskill. Graduates gain practical skills to pursue many different types of finance careers.

The program covers topics such as business management, investment, risk management, portfolio management, and data analysis. Students develop high-level analytical skills that are relevant across the financial sector. Let's explore your options for earning and using this degree in Australia.

What is a Master of Applied Finance?

A Master of Applied Finance (MAppFin) is a postgraduate program focusing on the practical application of financial skills. It is a more specialised degree than a Master of Finance, which covers broader concepts and theories.

The program is designed to provide students with hands-on financial knowledge and skills that can be applied in real-world situations. Students develop high-level analytical skills that are relevant across the finance sector and may also be used to inform business decision-making generally.

The normal course duration is 1.5 years of full-time study or the part-time equivalent. That corresponds with 12 subjects. If you lack a business degree or other finance-related education, you could gain entry by starting with an embedded graduate certificate course.

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Best Online Course in Australia

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An online Master of Applied Finance is a popular choice among students as it provides flexibility for busy professionals to study while working full-time. The best online MAppFin program is convenient, with year-round study available, and offers numerous electives.

Master of Applied Finance at UNSW Online

UNSW’s online Master of Applied Finance develops your ability to manage and lead financial functions in business. The 12-subject program has 8 core units plus 4 electives and aligns closely with Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) curriculum. Graduates are well positioned to pursue the CFA designation. Key topics include analytics, financial technology and business management. The 100% online program is accelerated, allowing you to earn a masters in as little as 2 years part-time. There is also the option to study the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance embedded courses. At every stage of your learning journey, you'll have access to support from a Student Success Advisor.

Master of Financial Technology

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If you're familiar with the finance industry and have a good imagination when it comes to technology, a Master of Financial Technology could be the ideal education investment. The applied master's program produces skilled FinTech professionals – who are in huge demand right now. Students learn about the roles of technology in finance, especially future opportunities, and gain knowledge and skills to help drive digital transformation.

Master of Financial Technology at UNSW Online

The 100% online Master of Financial Technology from UNSW is for professionals looking to capture opportunities in the growing FinTech industry. A background in finance and/or technology is ideal, though graduates of any discipline may gain entry by doing a graduate certificate course. The 12-subject program has been created by the UNSW Business School and will provide you with an excellent understanding of how to use technology to innovate in financial services. Subjects include technical tools for FinTech, problem-solving methods, decentralised finance, and tech disruption in finance and lending. Each subject takes 7 weeks of part-time study.

Is a Masters of Applied Finance Worth It?

Yes, a Master of Applied Finance is worth it for those who want to build a career in finance, banking, investment, or management. The degree enables you to develop practical financial skills that are useful to companies and other organisations.

Graduates can apply financial expertise to numerous money and investment problems. A MAppFin also helps aspiring managers to accelerate their careers and advance into leadership positions by building financial acumen.

Jobs in the financial sector return some of the highest average salaries in Australia. Finance masters have a high ROI, often producing 6-figure base salaries. Potentially lucrative roles include investment banking analyst, portfolio manager, finance manager, and risk manager.

Example subjects

The study requirements for a MAppFin are similar to what you do in a MFin course. There may be a greater emphasis on techniques, and more professional practice subjects. Students explore topics such as investments, equity markets, derivatives, consumer financial services, and venture capital.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements vary by program. A degree in business (or other cognate discipline) with solid grades is usually sufficient to be eligible for most master's degrees. An online Graduate Certificate in Finance provides an entry pathway for graduates with non-business degrees as well as people with no degree but significant professional experience.

Here are examples of program admission requirements. Enquire for further details.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.