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Master of Urban Design

Learn how to shape the lived experience of Australians with a Master of Urban Design. The masters course is available 100% online and is ideal for working professionals.
Master of Urban Design

An urban design masters gives you the training and qualifications to compete for top jobs in the field. You receive the kind of instruction and development opportunities that are only available in a postgraduate program.

A Masters of Urban Design course can build your hands-on skills in areas such as drawing, analysis and design. You also have the opportunity to become knowledgeable in urban planning, a quality that employers value.

UTS Master of Urban Design (Online)

The UTS Online Master of Urban Design is designed for professionals with a background in areas such as architecture, strategic planning or environmental science, who want to develop their practical design capabilities to shape the sustainable design of urban living. Through industry-informed course content and studio-based projects, you will learn to design resilient and creative solutions that enhance the lived experience at any urban scale. This course is delivered 100% online, enabling you to continue working full-time while gaining practical design skills to advance your career.

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

Masters of Urban Design aim to be comprehensive programs. You will study: what the discipline entails at a high level, principles of good design, analytics, sustainability, planning, and communication.

Design studio courses give you the opportunity to develop drawing, analytical and design skills. Themes may include urban typologies and morphologies, place-making, mobility, and the planning environment.

The UTS Master of Urban Design is a 15-subject online program that takes 2.5 years of part-time study to complete. Here are the required subjects.

  • Local Strategic Planning​
  • Structure Planning​
  • Urban Analytics​
  • Urban Design Fundamentals​
  • Urban Redevelopment​
  • Urban Design Studio 1​
  • Urban Design Studio 2​
  • Urban Design Studio 3​
  • Urban Design Studio 4​
  • Urban Design Studio 5​
  • Development Negotiation, Community Engagement​
  • Planning & Design Theory and Decision Making​
  • Planning and Environmental Law​ in Australia​
  • Property Development and Planning Process
  • Sustainable Urban Development​

Entry Requirements

The basic entry requirement for a Master of Urban Design is a university degree achieved with solid grades. For those lacking this, you can gain entry based on professional experience and non-degree postgraduate qualifications.

A Graduate Certificate course embedded in a master's program may provide an alternative pathway for those who don't automatically qualify for entry.

What is Urban Design?

Urban design

Urban design is the strategic planning of cities and towns to meet aesthetic and functional objectives.

  • Urban design differs from architecture, which focuses on individual buildings.
  • Urban designers work on a large scale that takes in groups of buildings, streets and public spaces, and neighbourhoods and districts.

An urban design team may consist of built environment professionals with many different specialisations, including in urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and civil and municipal engineering.

Developers and builders also play important roles in the execution of urban plans. They help ensure new buildings fit within the broader design.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.