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Masters in Professional Accounting Online

A Master of Professional Accounting degree is a door opener in the fields of accounting, banking, finance, insurance and business. Let's explore the best courses online.

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Masters in Professional Accounting (MPA) programs are ideal for people who want to qualify to become accountants. An MPA is a postgraduate version of a Bachelor of Accounting degree and is open to graduates from different backgrounds.

A good program will satisfy the educational requirements for professional accreditation by bodies such as CPA Australia and the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Online MPA courses provide the flexibility to manage your time while also offering interactive learning experiences.

Why Get an MPA?

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The obvious reason for getting a Master of Professional Accounting degree is that you want to become an accountant. An MPA is how people without an accounting bachelor degree meet education requirements for professional accreditation.

But there are other reasons for getting an MPA.

  • You may want a career in financial management without being an accountant as such. An MPA prepares you for many different roles related to business finance.
  • Accountants can also extend their professional development by doing an MPA. Advanced standing means you don't have to repeat units you've done before and can instead focus on electives.

Accounting is an attractive profession because good accountants are always in demand. The role of an accountant has also undergone a fundamental shift. It's now a wide-ranging advisory role.

Career opportunities in accountancy are available across many fields. Accountants work as financial planners, investment advisers, market analysts, tax consultants, and advisers in mergers and acquisitions. They work in corporate recovery and insolvency, treasury banking, e-commerce and IT.

Master of Professional Accounting Degrees

UNE Master of Professional Accounting

The University of New England's MPA program allows students from non-accounting backgrounds to gain professional qualifications and apply for associate membership with professional accounting organisations. The course is open to graduates. Non-graduates may enter after completing UNE's Graduate Certificate in Accounting.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.