Master of Health Administration

A Master of Health Administration or similar program prepares healthcare professionals for management positions. You learn how to organise and lead the effective delivery of services to consumers.
Master of Health Administration

For healthcare professionals seeking greater responsibility, you can open up career opportunities with a masters in health administration online. Available degrees include Master of Health Services Management, Master of Nursing (Leadership and Management) and MBA (Health Management).

Health administrators plan and coordinate healthcare delivery, working in settings such as hospitals and aged care facilities. You can train in this field with a masters of health administration. Accelerated 100% online courses also allow you to earn your degree without time away from work.

Masters in Health Services Management

Masters in health administration online

A popular, contemporary version of a Master of Health Administration degree is the Master of Health Services Management. With a health service management course, you study health administration with an emphasis on consumer experience. Service quality and patient safety are prominent issues.

UTS Online Master of Health Services Management

The Master of Health Services Management from UTS Online prepares leaders in health administration to drive improvement and deliver safe, high-value and accessible healthcare services. The course emphasises quality and safety. Students learn to plan and evaluate health and social care services, with a goal to innovate and enhance systems. You also learn how to harness and interpret data as a tool to achieve excellent service results. Tailor your program to align with your career priorities by going for a major in quality and safety or sub-major in digital health, planning or leadership. Created for healthcare professionals, the program is available part-time and 100% online. Gain job-ready skills that you can immediately apply in your workplace.

Nursing Administration Courses

Masters in Nursing Administration

For nurses, you can do the equivalent of a Master of Health Administration by enrolling in a nursing masters and majoring in administration, management or leadership. Master of Nursing programs allow for specialisation. Instead of studying nursing practice only, you can do a health administration stream that prepares you for leadership roles.

JCU Master of Nursing (Leadership and Management)

As a registered nurse or midwife, the Master of Nursing from James Cook University could be the ideal program for the next stage of your career. A major in Leadership and Management is available for professionals targeting supervisory and administration roles. Subjects include leading and managing in health, ethics and health management, business and finance for the health manager, and conflict and dispute resolution in healthcare. The flexible 12-unit program is 100% online and contains graduate certificate and diploma courses. Double major options are included.

Health Administration MBA

Health administration MBA

An alternative to a health administration masters is the world's most recognised graduate degree: a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Some online MBA programs have health administration specialisations. Note that program entry does not require you to have a business degree.

An MBA is a general business administration and management program. But you can major in health administration by selecting subjects focused on the health industry. While MBA and MHA qualifications are both in demand, an MBA can be a safer investment. A Health Administration MBA brings career advantages no matter where you may be employed in the future.

Southern Cross University MBA (Health Services Management)

Health Services Management is a specialisation available in the Southern Cross University (SCU) MBA program. To qualify for the major, students do at least two of four health subjects offered: Leading Change in Healthcare, Healthcare Professional Portfolio A, Strategic Health Management, and Principles and Practice of Clinical Accountability. The flexible and affordable 100% online MBA consists of 12 subjects for most students and requires 2 years of part-time study. You do one subject at a time, making for a stress-free learning experience. The accelerated (year-round) program is ideal for busy professionals.

University of Adelaide MBA (Health Management)

The University of Adelaide’s online MBA is a quality program delivered using the best e-learning technology. You benefit from the backing of the prestigious Adelaide Business School. At the same time, students have all the modern conveniences, such as 100% online study, 6-week teaching blocks, collaborative learning with classmates and dedicated online support. The 12-subject program gives you the tools to confidently manage health teams and projects. Topics include leadership, finance, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students also examine how to do business in the healthcare sector and the challenges facing health managers.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.