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Health Services Management Courses Online

Health services management courses teach you how to improve efficiency, quality and safety in healthcare delivery. 100% online courses are available for health and social care professionals.
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Health service management courses are about learning to manage healthcare processes for the benefit of patients and clients. The field is similar to health administration but with a greater emphasis on service delivery.

Online programs are available for healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors, therapists and social workers. By doing a postgraduate course, such as a graduate certificate or masters, you gain skills and qualifications to elevate your job responsibilities.

A Graduate Certificate for Health Service Managers

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A Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management is a relatively short course consisting of four subjects. The course allows you to upgrade your health management credentials and test out a masters program. Online learning makes it possible to study part-time while working full-time.

UTS Online Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

The UTS Online Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management is for health and social care professionals who want to drive change to create safer, higher value and more equitable services and systems. Delivered part-time and 100% online, this course gives students a deep understanding of the complexities of the Australian health and social care systems and the skills to plan, evaluate and improve health systems and services. At the successful completion of your studies, you’ll have the opportunity to enrol into the Master of Health Services Management, where you’ll gain specialist knowledge in quality and safety, digital health, leadership or planning.

Master of Health Services Management Online

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A master's degree provides extended training in how to be an excellent service manager in a health or social care setting. You can earn your masters with a 100% online course from an Australian university. Graduates acquire both general and specialised skills for senior health management roles.

UTS Online Master of Health Services Management

UTS Online’s Master of Health Services Management course prepares leaders in health and social care who want to drive change and create safer, higher value and more equitable health systems and services. With a focus on quality and safety, you’ll learn about planning and evaluating health services to innovate and improve systems. You’ll also learn about the importance of utilising and understanding data to improve, implement and drive quality and safety. Customise your studies to align to your career ambitions by choosing to major in quality and safety or sub-major in digital health, leadership or planning. Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, this course is delivered part-time and 100% online, enabling you to continue working full-time while gaining immediately applicable skills.

MBA in Healthcare Management

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An MBA with a major in Healthcare Management (or similar) is an alternative to a specialist master's degree. Students learn general business administration skills.

An advantage of an MBA program is that you receive a universally recognised management qualification, one which carries weight in every industry. At the same time, your MBA specialisation demonstrates expertise in the healthcare sector.

The majority of course content will be on general business management subjects. A minor proportion of subjects will focus exclusively on the health industry... READ MORE

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

What you study depends on the program and specialisation. Expect to explore general management and administration topics. For a longer program such as a graduate diploma or masters, you're likely to explore subjects on health service planning, achieving quality and safety in healthcare, and innovation in health service delivery.

Learning Outcomes

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Any health management course should make you a better all-round manager. Plus, you'll gain greater insight into effectively managing the delivery of healthcare and social services. Here are learning outcomes you can expect, especially from longer programs.

Management and leadership skills
Strong awareness of principles and strategies for effectively supervising individual staff, leading teams, and directing services.

Healthcare service organisation skills
Research, planning and evaluation skills, especially in relation to the safe and equitable delivery of health and social care services.

Management and use of digital health information
Ability to manage healthcare data processes to ensure health information can be used to meet clinical, strategic and operational requirements.

Career Opportunities

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With ever-increasing demand for health and related services in Australia, career opportunities for managers in the health sector are bountiful. Jobs for Health and Welfare Services Managers are projected to expand by 26.5% to 45,000 positions over the 5 years to 2027.

Some roles you would be more qualified to do after completing a university program are nurse unit manager, aged care manager, clients services manager, clinical operations manager, healthcare consultant, and practice director.

Entry Requirements

Managing healthcare services is a broad discipline that's open to people from different professional backgrounds. While entry requirements vary, you're generally able to access a program with a bachelor degree or comparable professional experience.

Here are examples of course admission requirements. Enquire for further details.


† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.