Master of Commerce Online

A Master of Commerce online allows you to build skills and knowledge in different business fields, including Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chains, and Human Resource Management.
Master of Commerce online

You can study 100% online for a Master of Commerce or equivalent degree with Australian universities. A commerce masters is open to business graduates who want to specialise as well as other university graduates who want to do business studies for the first time.

Masters of Commerce (MCom or MComm) degrees are the postgraduate versions of a Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce. The flexible courses cover the spectrum of business disciplines.

Study Online for a Master of Commerce

Study online for a Master of Commerce

RMIT Online Master of Commerce

Get the business training to achieve your career goals with the 100% online Master of Commerce from RMIT Online. The industry-connected program contains no less than 18 electives, which you choose from to create a custom degree. Students are required to complete 16 subjects, reduced to 12 if you have a university qualification in business or a related discipline. The course is ideal for working professionals. Each subject is delivered online in a 7-week study block. Topics explored include marketing, project management, supply chains, finance, and human resource management.

Why Choose a Master of Commerce?

Anyone considering postgraduate business studies has many options. A commerce masters may be the best choice if you want to build business general business skills while also gaining a specialist qualification.

  • Postgraduate business students are often business graduates who want to extend their skills and qualifications.
  • Many students are also non-business graduates looking to switch careers or gain qualifications relevant to their jobs.

These days, most students are opting for a specialist degree, such as Master of Marketing, rather than a commerce masters with a specialisation, such as MCom(Marketing). Among the most popular disciplines are Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Logistics, and Human Resource Management.

The best online programs are flexible and allow you to work full-time while studying. You can also do accelerated study, moving from one unit to the next with just a small break between study periods.

Jobs list

Business Administrator • Business Development Manager • Economist • Financial Planner • HR Manager • International Trade Officer • Investment Banking Analyst • IT Consultant • Logistics Manager • Marketing Consultant • Policy Development Officer • Project Manager

You can become a qualified HR expert with a 100% online Masters in Human Resource Management.

Recruitment, training, performance management and employee relations are some of the activities human resources managers are called upon to handle. The field is rewarding and people-focused and presents job opportunities in all parts of Australia.

HR Masters programs are open to experienced HR managers and newbies to the field. If you already have a business or commerce degree, you can reduce study time with a fast-track program... READ MORE

Marketing is a core business discipline that features in any good Master of Commerce program. You can also specialise in the field with a Masters in Marketing or Masters in Digital Marketing online degree.

Modern marketing relies on you having good awareness of technology, digital marketing methods and social media. As well, marketing analytics are important so that strategies are data-driven and not reliant on guesswork or intuition.

Whether you do a marketing, digital marketing or business analytics masters, the best programs in Australia provide you with contemporary knowledge and skills... READ MORE

MBA vs Masters Degree

Business choice

Should you do a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a business masters degree like the ones shown on this page?

To answer this, you should know that an MBA is a masters degree with an emphasis on management theory and practice. While MBAs are flexible in what you can learn, you essentially graduate with a management qualification.

Other business masters degrees focus on particular business disciplines. If you complete a Master of Marketing program for example, you are becoming qualified to be a marketing professional.

Ultimately, earning a business masters degree of any kind will give you a career edge. A business masters may be the best choice if you want to develop and highlight professional competencies. But, if you are known for having strong technical skills while not necessarily being recognised as a leader, an MBA may be the better option.

Study for a Business Masters Online

Online study allows you to earn a business masters with minimal disruption and time away from work or family. Courses are structured for convenience and flexibility.

  • Australian universities offer fully online degrees.
  • An online learning platform contains your course materials.
  • You can normally study year-round and start at different times of year.

Postgraduate students typically combine online study with work. Programs are run so study fits nicely into your lifestyle.

Best Online Programs in Australia

Commerce student online

The best online Master of Commerce programs set up your career beautifully while allowing you to study on your terms. The following programs are designed to meet the needs of industry.

  • Students build core and specialist skills in a discipline for which job prospects are excellent.
  • The courses deliver qualifications with enduring value.

You can start the flexible programs with a 4-unit graduate certificate, for which entry standards may be relaxed, and then continue with the rest of the 12-unit masters degree. The programs are accelerated, meaning you can study year-round, and are ideal for students who want to study while working.

RMIT Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Graduates in the field of supply chains and logistics management have excellent career prospects. Companies are increasingly inter-connected and complex, making logistics a growing field. The Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management program at RMIT is industry leading and certified by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA). Each unit is 100% online and takes just 7 weeks of part-time study. Subjects include business analytics, supply chain modelling and design, strategic operations, managing supply contracts and e-business.

We look for 3 key skills in our candidates. The first is problem solving and problem structuring. The second is business acumen. We describe this as being able to translate analytical or quantitative insights. This is the classic “so what” challenge. The third key skill is analytics.

~ McKinsey and Company

The best leaders know a lot about the domain in which they're leading, and part of what makes them successful is technical competence. When you look at core leadership skills, it's clear that domain-specific expertise is bound up in them. And the domains of expertise may be fairly specific.

~ Art Markman