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Why Ducere Has the Best Business Degree in Australia

Here’s a business degree that’ll get you earning the big bucks.

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When it comes to entering the business world, going to uni and doing a business degree is a pretty safe bet. You want to earn yourself a globally recognised qualification that gives you skills which are transferable across a number of industries.

Whether you want to work for an established company, start your own business or join a start-up, Ducere Global Business School have a range of degrees that will open plenty of doors and get you well on your way to earning the big bucks.

There are some pretty epic reasons you should consider studying with Ducere, and we’ve put some of the top ones below.

1. No Exams

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Yep, that’s right. Let’s say it one more time, but louder:


Feels good to say, doesn’t it? At Ducere, they know that in the real world, you don’t do exams. In the real world, you solve complex business problems – and that’s exactly what your assessments look like. That way, when you go to get a job, you already have experience doing the sorts of stuff you’d expect to find in your role. Employers will love you.

2. Your Projects Aren’t Simulated — They’re Real

A real simulation

Ducere take the whole ‘study’ thing to another level by ensuring your work is actually, well, work!

The projects you work on are real-life projects that renowned employers like Disney, LinkedIn, Qantas, United Nations, and Make-A-Wish need completed. You deliver real results, and your work has a real, tangible impact on the business world.

Who needs textbooks when you can learn by doing?

3. You Learn the Art of Adaptation

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While some aspects of business are fundamental, others are constantly changing. In fact, there are lots of jobs out there that will be obsolete in just a few years. Globalisation, digital disruption and the rise of startup culture have fundamentally transformed the way businesses operate, meaning that the ability to learn and adapt is more important than ever.

Some business degrees do this better than others, but Ducere’s Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship steps it up a notch by teaching you how to quickly, creatively and effectively react to the world’s ever-changing business dynamics and challenges.

4. Did We Mention the Big Bucks?

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Degrees with Ducere are designed to help you earn money from day 1.

For starters, all of their courses are done entirely online, meaning you can easily manage your study load with full time work. And that doesn’t mean working some crappy job, either. You can kickstart your career in the business world whilst simultaneously studying with Ducere. And if you don’t believe us, consider this: over 44% of Ducere students receive a salary increase or promotion before graduation.

Their degrees are recognised all around the world and are super adaptable – meaning you can take what you learned and apply it to a whole range of different industries. You have to love not being stuck in the one type of job for the rest of your life!

5. Your Communication Skills Go Next-Level

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Arguably the most important skill of all, communication is crucial within any workplace, business and organisation. Whether you like it or not, a business degree with Ducere will force you to interact and cooperate with your peers (even if you don’t have so much in common), which is good practice for the future.

This is all done remotely, which – given what 2020 has looked like so far – is something we’re probably all gonna have to get used to!

If you want to start earning some serious money and dive into the world of business, then you should definitely check out Ducere Global Business School. They partner up with some of the best universities in the world to bring you degrees that will have you absolutely killing it in no time at all!