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Online MBAs from the UK

Online MBAs from the UK are available in Australia. Want an affordable, high-quality MBA degree from the United Kingdom? Here are some great options.
UK MBA online for Australians on a budget

Did you know that it's more than possible for Australians to do a UK MBA online? The degrees are cheap when you compare them to their Australian counterparts and potentially bring great career value. What's more, you get study support that's based in Australia.

A Master of Business Administration from a UK university could be a great addition to your CV. You'll be able to promote the fact that gained an internationally-recognised qualification from the United Kingdom, a global hub for education and business.

University of East London

UK university degree

Here's a way to simultaneously build new skills, advance your career, impress your friends, and save time and money. In partnership with Ducere Global Business School, the University of East London is offering an Executive MBA for experienced professionals living in Australia. The programme is rated among the top 3 online EMBAs in the UK.

University of East London Executive MBA

The Executive MBA from the University of East London is a 100% online program consisting of 5 subjects and an industry project. This executive MBA takes just 12 months to complete online. Tuition fees are highly competitive and part scholarships are available. The program is open to students with extensive management experience. You can study flexibly according to your own schedule. Assessment is project-based, with no exams.

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

UK MBA online budget

The online UK MBAs available to Australians are applied programs supported by Ducere Global Business School. Students spend time studying traditional MBA subjects such as finance, marketing, leadership and business strategy. But you also get the opportunity to demonstrate analytical and business management skills with an applied project you conduct online.

University of East London Executive MBA

Students complete 5 subjects and a major applied industry project.

  • Business Strategy
  • Leadership in Practice
  • Digital Transformation
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Finance for Managers
  • Major Applied Industry Project

Learning Outcomes

UK online MBAs are well-rounded courses designed to build a diverse set of business management competencies. The Executive MBA is naturally more focused on higher-level leadership and management thinking than on technical tasks. Most programmes give you the opportunity to demonstrate capabilities via a complex project.

Examples of learning outcomes 

  • Strategies to achieve business goals and create competitive advantage.
  • Understanding of how your own experiences and biases influence your leadership style.
  • Analytical skills for making decisions about digital change in an organisation.
  • Marketing strategies, including pricing, channels, segmentation and branding.
  • Can interpret financial statements and extract information for business decisions.
  • Able to develop a concept, solution or idea with immediate practical application.

Career Opportunities

Earning a Master of Business Administration degree both develops and demonstrates your ability to manage and lead. While job opportunities depend on your career stage, roles that a UK MBA could put you in line for include: project manager, senior manager, consultant, director, general manager, executive director, business owner and CEO.

Entry Requirements and Fees

Entry requirements for online UK MBAs are fairly standard for MBA programmes. You just need a bachelor degree (any discipline) and professional experience. If you lack university qualifications, you may still be admitted based on professional experience. Financing options for tuition fees are available.

Executive MBA from the University of East London

  • Bachelor degree with 8+ years of professional experience OR
  • 10+ years of professional management experience.
  • Fees: $24,670 AUD as at 12 May 2022.
† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.