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UTS Online - Master of Business Analytics

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The UTS Online Master of Business Analytics is designed professionals who want to diversify their career options and gain the agility, confidence and competence to influence organisational decisions through data.

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Reasons to Get a Masters in Business Analytics

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Offering significant financial rewards and abundant job opportunities, a Masters in Business Analytics is worth it for many professionals interested in leveraging data to create value. Among the top reasons to get a business analytics degree are:

  1. Lucrative career opportunities. Graduates are highly sought after for well-paying roles like business analyst, data analyst, and chief data officer.
  2. High salary potential. Business analysts consistently earn competitive salaries, with an average range of $100k to $144k per year in Australia.
  3. Linking data insights to decision-making. Business analysts possess the skills to extract meaningful insights from data and apply them strategically.
  4. Future-proof career. In the digital economy, the demand for professionals who can analyse and derive value from data is continuously growing, ensuring long-term stability and growth opportunities.
  5. Versatile skill set. A Masters in Business Analytics equips you with diverse skills in statistical analysis, data mining, programming, and data visualisation, applicable across industries.

UTS Online offers a top-quality Master of Business Analytics program with practical training and flexible study options that can be tailored to specific learning goals. Benefit from a recognised institution in this field, quality education, and the flexibility of online learning.

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