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Top 10 Best Online Degrees that Pay Well

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A degree can help working adults advance in a competitive job market. Online courses offer flexibility.

Here are the ten best online degrees, based on industry growth, job security, and average salaries. This list excludes degrees with high graduate numbers that lead to ordinary job outcomes. Examples of bad degrees for pay are psychology, creative arts, and fields like physics and biology.

1. Business Administration

Business administration studies

Business Administration is easily the most popular online degree program at the postgraduate level. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) prepares you for management and leadership roles.

Your previous background doesn’t really matter for this program. What counts is that you’re interested in taking on more responsibility and want to prepare for senior positions.

Around 10.5 million professionals are employed in management occupations in the United States, with a median salary of $137,750 per year.

Often, those who undertake this online degree specialize on a specific area such as finance or marketing. Business Administration is especially popular at the masters / postgraduate level, with many doing online MBAs.

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2. Engineering

Engineering degrees are always popular. The major fields include civil, chemical, industrial, electrical and general construction. Problems solved by engineers are largely technical. It is among the best paying careers and courses are offered at institutions held with high regard.

Career opportunities are wide, extending beyond just engineering because the degree demonstrates mathematical and analytical skills (Fu Foundation).

3. Finance

Finance is a competitive but lucrative field. You can become a financial professional by doing a business degree and majoring in Finance. You’ll gain general business skills as well as knowledge for careers in banking, investment, and financial analysis.

The median salary for a financial manager in the US was last reported at $156,100 annually.

A popular option for undergraduates is a double major in Accounting and Finance. This combination offers expertise in financial reporting and analysis along with accounting skills, ensuring job security and versatility. Graduates perform roles such as financial analysts, investment bankers, portfolio managers, tax accountants, and auditors.

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4. Computer Science

As long as computer revolution continues, there will always be a great demand for computer scientists. Individuals learn how to code programs using various languages. Careers heavily dependent on computer science are:

  • Computer Programmers
  • Computer Hardware Engineers
  • Computer Systems Analysts

Computer scientists solve programming challenges, create software, and lead in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, digital forensics, web development, and data security.

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5. Nursing

Nursing is a booming field which attracts many students mainly due to excellent job prospects. As the health sector grows, there is need for even more nurses. They attend to patients and deal with minor emergency situations. Blended (online mixed with lab classes) study options are growing in the field. A trained nurse can work as:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Nursing Aides, Orderlies and Attendants

6. Marketing

With growing competition for products and services, business must maintain a sharp marketing edge. The main goal of marketers is to attract clients/customers in large numbers.

  • Traditional print and contemporary multimedia outlets are used to achieve this through creativity.
  • Brochures and attractive displays constitute part of the broader marketing spectrum.

Marketing is a popular study field because every industry relies on marketing for customer or client awareness. The integral activity is studied at both bachelor and postgraduate levels. For students who work full-time already, online courses are not only advantageous but essential for study to be practical.

7. Accounting

Private and government institutions alike rely on accountants to ensure proper handling of finances. As a primary objective, accountants should ensure the compliance of the business with fiscal regulations and laws. Filing of taxes is also a critical role. An online degree or associates degree (AS) in accounting is a sure guarantee of job security no matter your specific career path.

8. Health Care Administration

Billing and coding have been heavily scrutinized recently by insurance companies, catching certain health centers off-guard. Health care administration is all about proper billing codes. Experts in this area also choose appropriate methods to submit bills. Other skills include:

  • Managing patient files
  • Maintaining order in the office
  • Setting appointments

9. Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field is all about protecting and upholding State, Federal and Local Laws. For an entry level position in your desired security enforcement career, a Criminal Justice Degree is necessary. It would also be a great choice to study it before attending law school. Criminal Justice is often offered as a major within a online Bachelor of Science degree. With it, you are eligible to these careers:

  • Security Guard Managers
  • Police and Sheriffs
  • Police and Detective’s First-line Supervisors

10. Paralegal

Lawyers, law firms, companies and the public ever so often need services of a paralegal. Paralegals can thus be employed by government agencies, law firms, companies or work independently. Some of the tasks are to:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Research legal statutes and laws
  • Compose legal documents
  • Other varying assignments
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