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Why Study Abroad in Australia: 10 Reasons

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Australia is a haven for international students. Studying Down Under is popular among students who want to experience adventure and travel, learn English and study in a different setting.

Studying abroad allows students to open their minds to new ideas, cultures and lifestyles over a semester or a whole year. Australia is a country of red deserts, multicultural cities and endless beaches with friendly people who come from all over the world. It offers an ideal setting to meet new friends and have lifelong learning experiences.

We could make a list of thousands of reasons why we love this country, and the reasons why Australia should be your first choice to pack your bags and embark on an adventure across the world.

Here are Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Australia

1. Study and Work at the Same Time

The student visa allows the youngsters to study and work at the same time. This is a huge advantage when choosing a destination for study abroad. In Australia, international students have the opportunity to work part-time (20 hours per week) during periods of study and full-time (40 hours) during the holiday season. Also, if you have not yet attained the age 31 years, you can request the Working Holidays Visa, which will allow you to spend a year working in Australia (but subject to certain conditions).

2. Enjoy a Good Quality of Life

The quality of life in Australia is recognized as one of the best in the world. The main cities of the country are among the top 10 cities in terms of quality of life indexes (Student Cities Australia). According to a recent study by the United Nations, Australia is the second place in the world for quality of life, reflecting qualities such as good education, public health, and safety.

3. High-Quality Education

The quality of education in Australia is rated among the best in the world and it is quite flexible to adjust with, based on your requirements, so you can balance between the best of work and school. Australia is a world leader in higher education (with several world top 100 universities according to Uni Reviews) as well as having a strong vocational training sector.

4. Special Considerations for International Students

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge

The education system has an international reputation for excellence and offers a wide range of courses for students. Australia also makes special considerations for international students to ensure they receive a quality learning experience and have access to all student services through the Educational Services for Students Abroad Act.

5. Wide Range of Courses to Choose From

With 40+ universities, many colleges, and thousands of degree and diploma programs (Good Universities), Australia supports all manner of professional and academic disciplines (from the classic to the artistic, from communications to environmental sciences). University courses are divided into two levels:

  • Undergraduate (bachelor-degree) programs: generally of 3 years, though with some exceptions such as 4-year professional degrees (in law, teaching and nursing).
  • Postgraduate (masters) programs: graduate studies have different lengths, though the standard for a masters degree is 1.5 years.

6. Trips and Activities

Australia is about the same size as the continental United States, and students have many trips and tours to consider when the university is not in session. Each city offers something special. For example, Melbourne, which is Australia’s largest student city, offers many strange and unusual activities along with the more regular fun things you can do in any large city.

If you’re prepared to travel a little, you can choose among adventure travel, parachuting, wine tasting, scuba diving and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, and relaxing in one of the beaches of Australia. Cheap airfare is easy to find for domestic flights across the country, and travel destinations such as New Zealand, Fiji, and other countries in the South Pacific and Asia are never too far from major Australian cities.

7. Scholarships

Though the system is much smaller than in the US, Australian universities often make available to students from abroad grants and scholarships. The Australian government announces annual international scholarships within the program Endeavour Awards. Eligibility to apply depends on the type of course. There are general rules, for some it is required a certain score in the TOEFL, for some that are coming from certain countries, universities ask for a high GPA (a high average rating).

8. Cosmopolitan Country

Another advantage is that you will have the opportunity to meet people from every nation. This is because Australia is the best destination for students and here’s why your classmates may be French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Brazilians, Chileans, Peruvians, US or Canadian (just to mention a few). Being in contact with other cultures enriches you as a person and can help you if one day you want to work for the multinationals.

9. Learn English Well

You can make native friends and learn English at the same time. This is the best way to learn English and improve pronunciation and grammar. If you opt for a professional or university course your English level must be high, but with time and practice, you can easily reach that level.

10. Continue with a Career after Graduating

When you have finished your university studies, you will be able to apply for a Graduate Visa, which allows you to gain experience in the work field. It is important to take into account the fact that the legal working hours are 20 hours per week (40 hours every two weeks).

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