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Is a Graduate Certificate in Business Worth It?

This flexible, short postgraduate course is popular for good reasons.

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A Graduate Certificate in Business increases employability, enhances earning potential and imparts specialist skills. The postgraduate qualification is the most efficient and affordable way to achieve such benefits.

Build specialist skills in areas such as HR management, leadership, management, marketing, project management, and more. Since courses usually consist of just four subjects, the education investment is quite low.

Every graduate comes away with a respected postgraduate university qualification. A business graduate certificate enhances your resume and demonstrates expertise in the targeted skill area. With options for further study, such as an MBA, there is more upside potential than downside risk.

Course Benefits

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A Graduate Certificate in Business (Level 8) is rated above a bachelor degree (Level 7) in the Australian Qualifications Framework. While it's short, at just four subjects long, you can do one strategically to enhance your career opportunities. Here are the key benefits.

1. Acquire specialist skills

The opportunity to acquire specialist skills can open doors to exciting career opportunities. A key benefit of the short postgraduate course is being able to target in-demand skills. Students have a large menu of specialisations to choose from, including these: