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Mental Health Courses Online in Australia

Discover the benefits of online mental health courses in Australia. From counselling to psychology and social work, learn how to become a professional and make a difference.

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If you want to work as a mental health specialist, many education options are available. Graduates work with people experiencing psychological difficulties across Australia's health and social welfare systems.

Whether you prefer a vocational course, bachelor's degree, or postgraduate study, there are many excellent courses to choose from. For professional qualifications, programs often combine online learning with work placements to provide students with hands-on experience.

Index of Courses

Best Courses for Mental Health

The best courses for mental health include specialist certificate, diploma and postgraduate courses. You can also study to become a psychologist, occupational therapist, counsellor or social worker. Nursing and other health degrees also provide pathways into the field.

The Certificate IV in Mental Health (CHC43315) is a one-year course that trains you to provide recovery-oriented support for people affected by mental illness and psychiatric disability.

Students learn to implement community-based programs and activities in contexts such as non-government organisations, clinical settings, and residential services.

The 15-subject course requires students to complete at least 80 hours of work as part of assessment. Financial assistance may be available, and the course qualifies as an Australian Apprenticeship... READ MORE

Online counselling courses are available to become a professional counsellor or upgrade your skills and qualifications in this field.

To be a registered counsellor, you need to complete an approved diploma, bachelor degree, graduate diploma, or master's degree. A qualifying course may combine online study with work placements.

Counselling is a relationship-based career where you help clients address their problems. You talk with them to clarify issues, explore options, develop strategies, and raise self-awareness... READ MORE

The Diploma of Mental Health (CHC53315) is a vocational education and training qualification. Students prepare for roles providing services to clients with wellness issues.

The course teaches skills such as counselling, referral, advocacy, and education services. Job opportunities include support worker, community rehabilitation officer, and mental health outreach worker.

The average course fee is $8701, and the typical course duration is 18 months. Financial assistance is available, and the course is eligible for a VET Student Loan from the Australian Government... READ MORE

A Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing is a postgraduate program that prepares registered nurses to become a credentialed mental health nurse (CMHN).

It takes 16 months of part-time online study to complete and requires eight subjects. Topics include evidence-based practice, behavior change, physical healthcare, wellness across the lifespan, and creating a professional portfolio.

Graduates are qualified mental health nurses and have the option to further advance their careers by pursuing a master's degree in the field or a nurse practitioner program... READ MORE

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology online is an accelerated program designed for non-psychology graduates looking to study psychology. The 10-subject course covers topics such as human cognition, learning, intelligence, mental health conditions, and psychological assessment.

Graduates can study further to become registered psychologists or use their skills in industries such as health, community services, education, and business.

Courses can be completed 100% online and are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)... READ MORE

A Master of Mental Health is a worthwhile degree if you are a healthcare or other professional who works with clients experiencing psychological difficulties. Students gain knowledge about evidence-based interventions, and develop practical skills to help patients overcome challenges.

Graduates are employed in fields such as health services, social work, and nursing, providing expertise in caring for patients with varying levels of impairment.

The entry requirements usually include a bachelor's degree in a health, psychology, or social science-related discipline... READ MORE

The Master of Mental Health Nursing is a postgraduate degree that prepares registered nurses to become a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse. Students learn evidence-based approaches to treating psychological conditions and how to support clients in healthcare settings.

The online MMHN program is part-time and 100% online, making it ideal for working professionals.

Graduates are eligible for positions such as mental health nurse clinician, case worker, nurse coordinator, and health services manager, all in high demand due to the prevalence of psychological issues in Australia... READ MORE

Postgraduate mental health courses are available online for graduates with degrees in fields such as nursing, social care, psychology, and social sciences.

The graduate certificate, diploma and master's courses provide advanced education and training to people who are interested in working in mental health, or who want to advance their existing career in this field.

Programs may cover topics such as acute mental health, physical healthcare of mentally ill patients, supporting behaviour change, psychological health across the lifespan, and alternative treatment environments... READ MORE

Online psychology courses include bachelor degrees, graduate diplomas, and masters. If you have a non-psychology undergraduate degree, a graduate diploma allows you to obtain the equivalent of a Bachelor of Psychology.

The main role of a psychologist is one-to-one client care. They conduct an assessment, provide therapeutic treatment, and monitor and manage patient progress.

Advanced training allows you to become a registered psychologist. Other career paths include human resources, mental health, counselling or social services... READ MORE

Australian universities offer social work programs that combine online study with on-campus sessions and work placements. Graduates qualify to become social workers.

An accredited Bachelor of Social Work is a four-year program that includes 1,000 hours of supervised workplace experience in social welfare agencies. The postgraduate equivalent is a two-year Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying).

A social work degree prepares you to be a professional who helps people deal with problems such as psychological issues, poverty, and homelessness... READ MORE