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Online Counselling Courses and Degrees

Flexible online courses in counselling are available across Australia. Only travel for any essential parts, such as intensive training and professional work placements.

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USQ - Bachelor of Human Services (Counselling Practice)

The Bachelor of Human Services (Counselling Practice) at the University of Southern Queensland offers complete preparation to become a counsellor. The ACWA-accredited program covers topics like foundation psychology, assessment and report writing, and advanced counselling skills. Students are online but must attend occasional residential schools at the Ipswich campus in Queensland for accredited training. The degree also includes 500 hours of field placements.

ACAP - Bachelor of Counselling

The Bachelor of Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) is a three-year program that blends online and on-campus learning. Campus locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Byron Bay, and Adelaide. Accredited by PACFA and ACA, the degree includes 340 hours of placements and community projects. There is an optional minor in Coaching, accredited by ICF. Students develop skills in mental health, grief counselling, and family therapy.

Graduate Certificate (100% Online)

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If you've already been to university and want to become a professional counsellor, an online Graduate Certificate in Counselling is a great option. This short course will give you some skills and is a platform for further study.

Edith Cowan University - Graduate Certificate of Counselling

An easy and effective way to earn a university qualification is to do the Graduate Certificate of Counselling with Edith Cowan University. The 100% online course consists of 3 units and takes just 6 months of part-time study. It is a pathway to ECU's Master of Counselling, which is accredited by ACA. Students examine the foundations of professional practice, the role of the counsellor, and counselling theories and techniques. The knowledge gained supports counsellor work in fields such as nursing, social work and teaching.

Graduate Diploma

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A postgraduate counselling course allows you to gain accreditation or, for a practising counsellor, to do professional development. A graduate diploma is a relatively uncommon course, though is still available with some providers.

Avondale University - Graduate Diploma in Counselling

The Graduate Diploma in Counselling at Avondale University is a two-year, mixed-mode program, blending online learning with occasional on-campus sessions. Covering foundational and advanced techniques, the curriculum includes specialised subjects such as family therapy and mental health. A year-long clinical placement happens in the second year. Rooted in a Christian ethical framework, this course prepares students for diverse professional counsellor roles.

Edith Cowan University - Master of Counselling

The Master of Counselling at ECU has been accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). While primarily online, each student is required to do 250 hours of professional placement with an approved organisation. The course consists of 12 units (with the work placement counting as 2 units) and takes 2 years of part-time study. Students benefit from accessible and accelerated online learning. You can study year-round, moving on to a new unit every 2 months.