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ECU - Master of Counselling

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The ECU Online Master of Counselling is an accelerated, part-time course designed for professionals seeking advanced, evidence-based counselling knowledge and skills. Accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), it emphasises cultural awareness, person-centred approaches, and the development of digital counselling competencies.

The program includes a 220-hour professional placement, providing hands-on experience in a supervised setting. The 12 units cover topics such as trauma-informed counselling, mental health counselling, and working effectively at the cultural interface. It's a flexible and accessible option for those aiming to become counsellors or enhance existing skills in allied roles.

Accelerated Online Study at ECU

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Edith Cowan University (ECU) offers an online study format that is accelerated. Instead of the traditional two-semesters-a-year format, ECU features six 8-week study periods annually.

This accelerated approach allows students, including part-timers, to fast-track their degree by studying throughout the year, including in the summer months.

Part-time online students take one subject per study period. This corresponds to six subjects annually, rather than the normal four if they attended campus part-time. It ensures a manageable workload but also faster, more consistent progress toward a degree.