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Graduate Diploma in Psychology Online Australia

If you have a degree and want to study psychology online, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology is the ideal course.
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A Graduate Diploma in Psychology is just for university graduates. In terms of accreditation, the course is equivalent to a Bachelor of Psychology degree. But you can get through the online program much quicker, in around 20 months part-time.

The idea of an online Graduate Diploma of Psychology is to provide the same opportunities you could gain from a psychology bachelor degree, but with accelerated study for university graduates. You benefit from the learning experience while building a psychology career platform.

Become a Student of the Mind and Behaviour

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Psychology is a fascinating discipline that's great for developing personal and professional skills. With a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, you explore topics such as human cognition, learning, intelligence, how we develop as individuals, abnormal psychology and mental health conditions.

But you also build applied competencies in areas such as research and report writing, life coaching, psychological assessment, statistical analysis and interpretation, and using psychology in the workplace or social care settings.

The course is designed as a potential foundation for a career as a practising psychologist or psychology researcher. If you wish to continue studying, you are on a well-defined pathway to becoming a registered psychologist.

Graduate Diplomas in Psychology

University degree

When you study for one of these Graduate Diplomas in Psychology online, you could be on track to becoming a registered psychologist. But, even without further study, you can use your knowledge and skills in industries such as community services, health services, business and education.

University of Adelaide Graduate Diploma in Psychology

The University of Adelaide's Graduate Diploma in Psychology is a well-rounded course from one of Australia's leading universities. The program is delivered on a modern learning platform that makes everything easy for online students. Your weekly learning experience may include an interactive webinar, drop-in session with a tutor, and online discussion forums with classmates. Non-exams assessments, such as short quizzes, reports and group tasks, are used to assess grades. The course is accredited by APAC, the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.

JCU Online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging)

The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging) from James Cook University is an affordable and contemporary program from a psychology school that's been operating for over 50 years. The 10-subject APAC-accredited course can be completed 100% online over 20 months of part-time study. You do one subject from start to finish within each 7-week teaching period. You'll be kept up-to-date with recent developments in disciplines such as social and environmental psychology, counselling and neuroscience. Students also build skills in technology and the use of data, which are increasingly important for research and client and community care.

UTS Online Graduate Diploma in Psychology

UTS Online's Graduate Diploma in Psychology is informed by the latest American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines. These establish detailed aspirations for how psychologists should conduct themselves in applying psychological science. By completing this program, you'll gain insight into human behaviour, social and biological influences on the mind, and how to approach psychology as a researcher and practitioner. The flexible course from the UTS Graduate School of Health has been created just for online learning and serves as a pathway to becoming a registered psychologist.

Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced)

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A Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) is the next step in the sequence towards potentially becoming a registered psychologist and clinical psychologist. Just as a Graduate Diploma in Psychology is equivalent to a 3-year undergraduate degree, the advanced course corresponds with an honours (4th) year of bachelor studies. The advanced graduate diploma consists of coursework and research.

UoA Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) from the University of Adelaide is an online alternative to an on-campus honours year. The program takes 1.3 years of 100% online study and can be completed while you work full-time. Students benefit from state-of-the-art learning technology. Applied learning is emphasised, with regular exposure to real-world and simulated-real-world scenarios in case studies and assignments. Topics covered include data analysis using software, communication and interview skills, harnessing psychological evidence, measurement and assessment instruments, research planning and statistical analysis, and research projects.

UTS Online Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)

Move a critical step forwards towards your dream psychology career with the advanced graduate diploma from UTS Online. Career readiness is one of the first subjects in this program and will provide you with a strong understanding of the professional opportunities in psychological science, along with practical skills to make you competitive in the job market. Students also develop their assessment, intervention and research skills. You'll have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop your research craft with two major projects that make up half the honours-equivalent course.

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

A Graduate Diploma in Psychology consists of 10 subjects. Accredited programs adhere to nationally consistent standards, making curriculums broadly similar across programs.

Subject descriptions

Learning Outcomes

Because an online Graduate Diploma of Psychology is a foundations course, you'll gain knowledge across the breadth of key topics. For example, you'll learn about lifespan psychology, personality and social psychology, and abnormal psychology. Graduates also gain an appreciate of ethics in psychological practice and learn to bring a psychologist's perspective to problems and problem-solving.

Further examples of learning outcomes are the ability to do the following.

  • Apply diagnostic criteria to psychological disorders using the DSM-5.
  • Explain how psychological intervention strategies can be used in different contexts.
  • Source, analyse and present findings on cognitive psychology research.
  • Generate solutions to research questions using data.
  • Explain biological psychology mechanisms of the nervous system.
  • Connect key theories of social psychology to major societal challenges.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of counselling approaches and method.

Career Opportunities

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With a bachelor's degree in one discipline plus the equivalent of a psychology degree, you're highly qualified to pursue many different careers. Not counting opportunities that might come from further study, psychology training is especially useful in the following occupations.

Case manager

A psychology qualification and some field experience sets you up to work as a case manager. You can work in sectors such as youth support, aged care, victim support, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, child and family, and migrant support.

Communications specialist

Psychology study positions you to work in communications by developing writing, verbal communication, messaging, active listening, interviewing and research skills. Jobs include community liaison officer and public relations officer.

Human resources manager

With excellent communication and organisational skills, coupled with strong interpersonal skills, a career in human resource management beckons. Job examples are HR assistant, HR officer, and human resources manager.

Public administration

Many jobs in the public service require the same general set of skills you gain by studying psychology, including research and report writing, communication skills, and statistical analysis. Look for graduate programs to get started.

Entry Requirements and Fees

Entry requirements for a Graduate Diploma in Psychology online course are essentially that you have a bachelor degree or equivalent or higher qualification. Your undergraduate degree should be in a discipline other than Psychology.

English language proficiency requirements also apply if you are from a non-English speaking country. Program participants must be proficient at listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

Tuition fees are in the range of $3,180 - $3,818 in 2022 depending on the program. For a full 10-subject program, courses fees are 10x the per-subject cost. Australian citizens are eligible for a FEE-HELP loan.

How to Become a Psychologist

Diagram of steps to become a psychologist in Australia

To become a registered psychologist in Australia, you need to complete a defined sequence of study and training. The sequence essentially has three steps. Further specialist training may also be needed to become a clinical psychologist.

Step 1: Bachelor of Psychology OR Graduate Diploma of Psychology

If you have a bachelor degree in a non-Psychology field, your first step is a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (GDP).

Step 2: Honours year OR Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)

Having successfully completed Step 1 with good grades, you're eligible for the second step: a ‘ fourth year’ psychology program. This could be an on-campus honours program. Alternatively, you can do an online Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) (GDPA).

Step 3: Two or more years of postgraduate education and training

Before you can apply for general registration as a psychologist in Australia, you need further education and training. Options include a one-year Master of Professional Psychology (MPsych) followed by one-year of supervised practice OR a two-year MPsych program that includes work placements OR a doctoral program of either: (i) a combined MPsych and PhD or (ii) a professional doctorate (DPsych).


† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.