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Is Business Analyst an IT Job?

It shouldn't be. Why smart business analysts steer clear of tech work.

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Table 1. Responsibilities and Skills of Data Professionals

Role Main Responsibilities Key Skills Data Interaction
Business Analyst Identify inefficiencies and improvement areas; Use data to enhance strategic planning Analytical thinking, communication Interprets data to improve processes and inform decisions
Data Analyst Collect, process, and perform statistical analyses on large datasets; Report findings Statistical analysis, detail-oriented Handles raw data and extracts actionable insights
Data Scientist Build models to predict and solve complex problems; Use data to create algorithms Machine learning, programming Uses sophisticated data modeling techniques
IT Specialist Manage IT resources and infrastructure; Ensure data security and support data accessibility Technical troubleshooting, networking Maintains and secures data infrastructure
Database Administrator Oversee database management; Optimise database performance and ensure data integrity Database management, system administration Manages and optimises databases

UTS Online - Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from UTS Online is a dual pathway to become a business analyst. The business stream is for those with an IT and engineering background. You develop business skills by studying subjects from accounting practices to customer value and data ethics. The IT stream gears business professionals towards technical proficiency. Students explore enterprise systems, databases, and data processing. The 100% online course can be completed in 8 months of part-time study, with optional continuation into a Master of Business Analytics degree.

RMIT Online - Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from RMIT Online is for professionals from any field. This eight-month, part-time program includes three core subjects: Data Ethics and Regulation, Business Decision Analytics, and Data Processing Using SAS. Students also choose one elective connected to specific business functions such as marketing or supply chain management. This program structure provides foundational analytical skills and a pathway to masters degrees.

UNSW Online - Graduate Certificate in Analytics

The UNSW Online Graduate Certificate in Analytics introduces business analytics with a flexible curriculum. Over eight months, students complete four courses from a selection of 14 options. These cover a range of topics such as introductory data analysis, decision making, and predictive analytics. Specialisations are available in General Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Human Resource Analytics. The course is open to professionals from different backgrounds and articulates into a Graduate Diploma and Master of Analytics.